Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Enjoying the Sunshine and Lake!

It was another beautiful day with warm temps and a day to be outside and enjoy the weather.  I was still kind of down in the dumps thinking about my babies but my other babies reminded me they were here to comfort me.  I decided I needed to get out and of course these 2 are always willing to get outside on a warm day.


The dogs love riding and running with the Golf Cart.  Since it was another beautiful day here at Twin Lakes we did both.  Normally I let them run after me when I take the trash to the dumpster and since they’ve been pretty good off their leashes we decided to try something new.


I took the dogs over to the lake without their leash ..


Roo goes in first to try it out


Lexi puts her front paws in and that is her extent of enjoying the water


Roo gets braver and finds a stick she wants to fetch in the water


I barely throw it at the edge and she barks at me .. you want to go in deeper?


Yep she does but waste deep was as far as she would go to fetch the stick .. she had a great time and Lexi wanted no part of it


After a long hard day of running, playing they were exhausted tonight and this how they spent their evening.  Dinner tonight was left overs from last night of Chicken and noodles.  The evening is being spent watching Duck Dynasty and relaxing as I’m exhausted from this crud and not sleeping well.

Still Missing you my beloved!

I woke up at 4.30 AM coughing my head off with this crud.  It’s draining into my stomach and making me sick .. I got up and went back to bed a little after 7 AM and didn’t get up until after 9 AM.  I took some medication and spent the morning being sick and feeling bad.  When I’m sick my babies would always comfort me ….


It’s been 8 months since Lucy passed away and Friday it will be 3 months ago for Duke & Dixie .. my heart still breaks and i still have days that i sit and cry and look at their pictures.  I still have them on my desktop and my digital photo frame displays their pictures everyday.  I’m sure in time it will get easier but i still have huge void in my heart.


I thought of you today, but that is nothing new, I think of you everyday, I think of you in my mind and I often speak your names in my heart.  There are days that bother more then others, esp on those days i forget you are no longer with me on this earth.  I go to touch you, kiss you, or just cuddle with you and you are not there.  My heart still has a hurting place that can never be replaced.  There are days tears still stream down my face at the hurt of losing you. 

You are deeply loved and are sadly missed.  This will be our first Christmas apart.  You will not be here to lick my plate, you will not be here waiting for you Christmas treat.  Even though you will not be here on earth with me, know that you will be here in my thoughts and heart.  My heart breaks so knowing that i will never see your sweet faces again.  I love you Duke, Lucy and Dixie.