Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome December

I slept pretty good last night thanks to a sleeping pill.  We got up around 8 AM and started getting around as we wanted to be on the road by 10 AM.  NOOO .. not on the road again as in moving but as in sight seeing and exploring Alexandria, Louisiana.  We were out the door a little after 10 and had to come back after a few miles down the road.  I forgot my camera!  Can’t go explore without that can I ?


(I forgot to add this picture to my Christmas decoration page the other day .. can’t forget my scentsy candle)

First on the list was to stop by the Mall to see about getting a monthly event schedule, no luck the office where they have them was closed.  So we decided since the mall wasn’t crowded what better time then to explore and look around.  It was a hit for both of us as I found my perfume (that I'm almost out of) I wear Escape by Calvin Klein, I’ve worn it for years and refuse to wear anything else.    Ekkk .. that was a big chunk since i bought a big bottle.  In my defense it’s hard to find places that carry it, it was cheaper to buy the bigger bottle and it will last a long time :)  Hubby wanted to stop by Sears.  YESSS .. we went to a toy store.  He found a socket set that had a certain size socket he has been looking for and the best part was it was on sell and he got the entire set for half the price the one socket would have been :)  I love good deals. 

Next was the Silver Dollar Pawn and Jewelry Shop .. can you guess who owns this Pawn Shop?


If you guessed Cajun Pawn Stars whom i had my picture taken with a few weeks ago .. you are correct!  Jimmie “Big Daddy” DeRamus! 


We visited several other places today but I'm going to save them for another day to post about.  Sometimes i think a little suspense is a good thing.  Plus, this way you will have to tune back in to see what i have to share with you. 


(another one of my Christmas decorations i created with some material and a basket .. it stores the dogs toys)

Before heading home hubby wanted to see if he could find his Fur Fish & Game, he is having withdrawals, so we stopped by the music/book store called Hastings and he was in luck they had one left.  Ughh .. I will have to fight to get into his thrown room the next few days :)  I needed a few items at the grocery store so we stopped by Kroger's and Mac’s .. Lettuce, Milk, Bread, Oranges and hubby also needed Ice Cream.  We also stopped by Petco to get the doggies a treat.  They love to look into their basket and find new goody's.


It’s hard to see as it’s a bit blurred but this is Lexi getting her new goody.  The bottom picture is Lexi enjoying her goody


We arrived home a little after 6 PM and my goal was to be home in time to watch my favorite TV Channel .. YESSS .. Hallmark released a new movie tonight .. A Bride for Christmas .. it was a great movie and i look forward to watching it again soon :)


Roo finding her goodie and the bottom picture is Roo going back and looking for another one :)


I’m exhausted and after hubby gave me a great foot and neck rub it’s time for me to call it a night and snuggle up for the night.  But before I do that since it’s the 1st day of December I’m going to leave you all this …

The month of December was always my favorite month of the year.  Christmas was my favorite time of the year.  It wasn’t about what I received but about what i could give and do for others.   For me Christmas was not about all the gifts you received but about the gifts you give from the heart.  It was about giving grace and spreading goodwill to others.  It was about making someone who had a hard day or who was having a hard time in their life to experience a better moment if only for a few minutes.  Putting a smile on someone’s face, showing them love, compassion, peace, joy or just knowing that there is hope for them.  Christ suffered so that we may have grace through him.  There is absolutely nothing that we can ever do to deserve this grace, but through Jesus Christ it’s given freely.  I felt that because of that gift that Jesus gave to me, I wanted to just give a bit of that back to others.  I would decorate every room in our home and the outside.  I loved hosting Christmas parties and Christmas dinner.  Giving out gifts of home made Christmas candy and cookies that i would make throughout the month.  It gave me such joy to do all of this and then all it took was one day to change all of that …

After my accident on Dec 27,1996, Christmas was no longer my favorite time of the year, December was no longer my favorite month of the year.  In fact i dreaded seeing the month and season come around.  I would get so depressed and all I wanted to do was just pass the month and season away by being alone to sulk in my bed.  Being condemned to a life of living with severe pain everyday, confined to a bed and four walls for over 10 years  was such a wonderful way to spend the month of December and Christmas (NOT).  Why should i want to make it better for anyone else?  It wasn’t better for me .. YES .. it was our family tradition to help needy families and regardless of how bad i was feeling, my family still found a family or families in need and would helped them out, but for me the joy wasn’t there.  It was for my husband and children and so i went through the ritual every year. 

The past few years I have found that Christmas is once again my favorite time of the year.  December is my favorite month.  In fact, I now believe that deep down in my soul I have always had that desire to help those in need (i just didn’t realize it).  God knew the desires of my heart even though i didn’t.  I enjoy decorating for Christmas, i enjoy listening and singing the Christmas music, I even enjoy shopping and seeing all the Christmas decorations and esp the Christmas lights.  I’m am so thrilled that I once again love the feel of the Christmas magic. 

So with all of that i would like to express from my heart to yours … Wishing you warm loving thoughts & wishes …

May the spirit of Advent bear you gifts of love, faith, hope, peace, joy & comfort filling your heart with abundant Blessings to embrace & share!

Have a blessed advent, faithful, joyful & filling December as we celebrate all of things and most importantly the birth of Jesus Christ!

Happy December