Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Beautiful Sunday

Got up and went to church and it was a nice church service. After church we went out to eat with other RVer’s. We went to the Chinese place. It was just as good as it was last year.


We came home and took a walk to see the little pigs. Then momma decided it was time to feed them. So we left them to their snack time.


When we were walking to see the little pigs this horse followed us. It walked beside me like it was my friend. When we went in the pigs pen it must of got tired of waiting and so i snapped a picture as we were leaving. I love seeing the animals. Makes me remember all the wonderful memories of when we lived on our farm.


i spent the rest of my afternoon basking in the sun with other RVer’s. We watched one of the guys wash his truck and of course we ladies had to supervise.

100_4761 100_4762 100_4763 100_4764

These rooms in the rock house are full of donated things that need to be sorted and gotten ready for the yearly yard sale. As you can see, lots of work here to do. I believe the yard sale date is toward the end of March.

100_4765 100_4766 100_4767

As you can see, lots of RV’s and the picture below is of the back side of our rig. I love it that we don’t have anyone right behind us or in front of us. I love my space.

100_4768 100_4769

Today was another beautiful 70’s degree weather and I'm so enjoying all the sunshine!! The weather this week is suppose to be 70’s all week long. I’m so excited. Maybe now i can work on my sun tan? I think they are predicting some rain showers toward the end of the week. Hopefully this week i can get back to walking and lose a few pounds.