Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meeting up with friends

I went back to bed after i posted to my blog around a little after 5 am and didn’t get up until 8.30 am.
A noise woke the dogs and so it woke me up. I hushed them and got up to see what the problem was and then i heard the noise. Something hit the window. I opened the door and there i saw a dead Cardinal bird. I hated to see that bird lying there. I put on my shoes and picked it up and put it on the table so the dogs wouldn’t get it. I have enjoyed watching the birds at my feeder. Although i found this morning it’s empty and needs refilled.

Oh it’s one chilly, nippy morning. The wind is blowing and wow is it cold!

Hubby didn’t get up until after 9 am! He is usually the one who is early to bed and up early .. hubby is beginning to enjoy retirement life. I’m the one who is late to bed and late out of bed. Hmmmm
I got my laundry sorted. Yes, since were not on full hookups a needed trip to the laundry mat.
Hubby decided to be a good hubby today. Since he wasn’t really into a ladies gtg he decided to be nice and do laundry while I visited with old friends. So we went to the laundry mat and got the laundry going and then i left hubby there and meet friends Jackie and Agnes for lunch at CiCi’s pizza. I hadn’t seen Jackie or Agnes since we left Gulfport in May 09. We had a great visit. Hopefully Jackie will email a copy of the pic and i will post it later. I forgot my camera :(


“Edit .. Jackie sent me the picture”

Hubby called and said the laundry was almost done so we said our good byes. Jackie looks great as she has kept her weight off and lost even more. I can’t say the same. Although i have lost 7 lbs this week. Now if i can keep it off .. although stress isn’t the way i like to lose weight. After i went and helped hubby finish up the laundry we headed for a drive and then to Wal-mart to get some needed supplies.
We got back and to our surprise we have been invaded! This van has been parked down from us since a few days after we arrived. The couple from SC left this morning.
This camper pulled in a few days ago although we haven’t really seen them.
Several campers and a motor home pulled in today and i have spoken to one of the campers (5th wheel behind motor home) they are from Canada.
100_4524 100_4525
I made Chili for dinner as it’s cold here .. brrr I also baked hubby a choc cake he was craving to go with his ice cream he purchased today. Hubby went out after dinner and unhooked our water hose as it’s suppose to be freezing tonight and tomorrow night. Brrr Old man winter has returned.

Shouting for all to hear .. Jesus is my Lord and Savior!!!!

My schedule is out of whack but i am finding it’s a good schedule.  I have been waking up in the middle of the night and coming downstairs to do my devotional time.  Today’s devotional is 1 Peter.

After studying some verses of Peter I find myself thinking about last week.  When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior i knew that life would still hold trials for me.  I think of this past week and before that week.  Even though i felt i was strong in my relationship with the Lord i wasn’t being completely obedient to him.

God laid it on my heart to give my testimony but i struggled with doing it.  Each time pastor would ask if someone wanted to give a testimony God would lay it on my heart to do so but i would struggle and each time i would be disobedient to God by not coming forward and doing so.

Let me explain … Yes i know for those who know me it’s hard to believe that a person as myself who never shuts up, I do not have the courage to stand up in a crowd of people and talk, talk.  But it’s true. 
I am more of one on one or small group person.  I am not one who feels comfortable getting up in front of people and speaking.  In fact i do not like going up in front of people and it doesn’t matter if it’s to stand, speak or whatever may be the case.  I have never felt comfortable reading in a Sunday school class with other adults.  Yes, i taught Sunday school and Bible School (it was always the smaller children whom i felt comfortable teaching) I was a youth leader.    These things i felt comfortable doing.

I have given my testimony 2 times through out my life in front of a crowd and both times I was obedient to God as he laid it on my heart. 

Satan finds things in our lives to use against us, to try to pull us away from our relationship with our heavenly father.  If there is one little hole in our lives that Satan can use to attack he will.  Weather it done by using someone else or ourselves.  Sometimes as Christians we endure trials and tribulations either from our own doing or from Satan’s doing.  We need to remember It’s never from God’s doing (I forgot that this last week).  Because God loves us and he only wants joy, peace and happiness for us.

As you know from my journaling this past week I studied Romans and I going to admit another fault of mine is remembering where to find something i want unless i mark it or write down.  That is why if you open my bible i have lots of little notes and even scriptures marked.  So that i can find things when i need them.  I can remember what i read just not sure where to find it.  

Wow … God has me on roll admitting my faults ..Yes i know there is many ..  i will gladly admit any faults because I am after all made of the flesh and i will never be worthy of his grace and mercy.  But God doesn’t require that i am.  He only requires that i repent and accept him as my Lord and Savior and I am proud to shout to the world of internet and all to the world that he is my Lord and Savior!!

Yes I know I have a one track mind and if i get off .. look out .. but I'm blonde after all .. so bear with me.

Anyways … back to my lesson today. I’m not sure where to find this in Romans as i didn’t write it down but i recall it says that “all things works for the good of the glory of God for those he called for his purpose” As i studied 1 Peter some verses grabbed a hold of me.  (1 Peter: 1-9) and I felt God telling me

"even though you have suffered pain and grief  in your heart.  Now rejoice as you endured through  perseverance,  you have renewed faith and strength in me and I have replaced that aching pain in your heart with a heart that is now  full of love, peace  and a great revival.  Give Thanks, Praise and Glory to me your Lord and Savior.  Know that even though you can not see me I am with you every step you take.  As a mother you were there to guide and catch your children.  As my child i am there to do the same for you. Just as you have forgiven those who forsake you.   I also have forgiven you for forsaking me through your hours of pain.   You have reached another goal in your faith and salvation to your soul.  My child you are, more precious then any gold.  Stay true to and hold fast to my words that they may carry you through you daily walk in me.  I love you my child and many great things are ahead of you"

If you do not know Christ let me tell you this.  There is no greater feeling in this world then the feeling that God gives us when we accept him as our Lord and Savior.  There is such a inner peace of joy and happiness.  The day i married my husband, gave birth to my children and yes even the birth of my grandchildren do not begin to compete with the feelings that I have experienced through the loving arms of  Jesus Christ, God my creator.  I can tell you this there is no greater love then the love my heavenly father gives to me. 

I hope you have a blessed day and i will post another post of my adventures of today.  God Bless you all and good night.