Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

On the road

Got up and got the last minute things done inside. Emptied the tanks and was on the road by 8 am. We are on I-10 heading toward New Orleans.


We just went through Baton Rouge, LA and getting ready to approach the 20 mile long swamp bridge.

100_4675 100_4676 100_4677 100_4678

Here is the very steep bridge in LA

100_4679 100_4680 100_4681 100_4682 100_4683

Going past the oil refinery in LA


Getting through Lake Charles, LA


Texas is getting closer!


100_4693 100_4694

I was a bit late when I realized the sign was just ahead .. oh well .. I can write it … Welcome to Texas! Drive friendly – the Texas way


Were in Texas? This area of Texas is full of curves and hills.

100_4697 100_4698 100_4699 100_4700 100_4702

We didn’t know were going to get our own roller coaster ride. Full of hills and curves. Luckily this isn’t a busy road as i think our camper was on the other side of the road more then it was on ours ..

100_4703 100_4704 100_4705 100_4706 100_4708 100_4709

100_4713 100_4714 100_4715

After our roller coaster ride we went to the cow path ride .. oh are we having fun!!

100_4716 100_4717 100_4718 100_4721 100_4722 100_4723

Yep, we met another silly person on this road. Luckily they got their camper on their side of the road and hubby kept ours on our side and we passed.


We finally got back onto a real road! I-45 about 100 miles till we get to our destination!

100_4727 100_4728 100_4729

Sam Houston statue ..


We’ve arrived to our destination safe and sound. Somewhat setup and received a wonderful welcome .. Thanks everyone .. we love you all.

What a trip 535 miles in one day … Oh My!! It was a early to bed night for me.