Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Sun Came out!

I needed to get some cleaning done this morning, our home looked like a Tornado had went through it from our lazy weekend.  Dishes are done, swept the floor and laundry is started.  The sun has come out and it has warmed into a beautiful day.  The humidity is still up but as long as the sun comes out and warms things up it doesn’t seem to bother my back.


I took the dogs on a run, well they did the running while i rode the golf cart :)


While on our run we took the trash to the dumpster, they know the way and all i had to do was follow


We went on up to the Royal Ranger area and Roo decided to find something to roll in!  Yes she stunk and was a mess so that ended our trip and we came back home and she got a much needed bath.  A bath was on the list this week anyway but i hadn’t planned on it today.


there is lots of activity going on here in the campground.  A roof is being installed on the dining hall.


It’s going pretty quickly, they just started this morning and by afternoon they had one side of the front finished


they are also installing a walk way along this side walk for when it rains


This part of the roof is finished


the other of half of the roof was being torn of this afternoon and before they left at 5 pm they had it on, tomorrow they come back to finish the back side.

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they did leave a pile of junk poor Don had to clean up, he cleaned up their mess this morning too


Inside the building a metal beam is being installed for the divider walls they are going to install .. one beam almost done and will be before the end of the day


the dining hall is named after Cecil Janway who the District Superintendent for Louisiana for a long time, he recently passed away.


I do not know what all i did today but the day flew by and tonight I'm not feeling so well .. sure hope hubby didn’t give me his crud!  I’m having cold chills, aching all over, sore throat and ears from drainage.  I’m hoping it’s just allergies from being outside