Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Work or Play here at Twin Lakes?

We woke up to a beautiful warm morning.  I picked up and before i knew it was time to head up for our 10 AM get together.  We came back home and before we knew it was time to go back up for lunch!  WOW .. time sure does fly by here.  On the way up to the dining hall where we have our gtg we noticed this thing sitting funny … taking a break .. maybe? 


when we arrived at the dining hall, Alton (the guy running it) was there and he said he was stuck!  Hmm .. no .. i can not blame this one on hubby .. I know shocking huh?  Usually everything is hubby’s fault .. but this is a rare moment (hush Wanda .. I know what your thinking) .. hubby wasn’t driving .. sorry boys i know how much you’d enjoy me posting a picture of your dad getting stuck … but not today.


I’m wondering if this wasn’t more of an opportunity to play instead of working?  Hmmm   Yessss .. this RV lifestyle is really hard work.


another guy arrived to dig out of this mess (hmm .. looks to me he is almost buried?  I think this guy may  be in deeper then the last one :))   I know boys .. your drooling at all that mud and the fun you could have.  Tommy took pictures for me (thanks Tommy) while Diane and I ran into town.  YESSS .. I know we go to town a lot :)  On the list today was Wal-mart to get our med’s .. hubby’s was ready but they didn’t have mine .. go figure .. i called the doctor’s office and they didn’t know why, both were called in at same time .. next was to Dollar Tree .. YESSS .. Diane loves it as much as i do :)  then over to Office Depot to check on getting an RV Directory printed out.  That took awhile and before we knew it time had flown by and we needed to get back to get things ready for some dinner.  YESSS .. it does seem like all we do here is eat!!


Finally he dug himself out and all was good.  I was beginning to wonder there for a bit if he wasn’t getting in deeper :)


I still am going to claim that was more fun then work for the guy but a place there is work going on is at the dining hall which is named after the past Louisiana AG District Superintendent .. Cecil Janway. 


well .. I'm still not convinced this isn’t playing instead of working either .. after all it appears more destruction then fixing is going on .. it’s yet to be determined ..


another window tore out?  Maybe a door going in it’s place? 


there is still more walls to be torn out.  It was being done in sections as they had guest here the past few weekends and they had to have a place to seat them.  But now the divider wall is gone and it’s more demolition time. 


once the chairs and walls are gone .. it’s a nice size room


Dinner tonight was Taco’s .. Yess .. their killing us with all this spice!  Pizza for lunch and Taco’s for dinner .. they seem to forget we northerner’s are use to bland food.

After dinner we played cards and I won!  Yesss .. how bout that, i started out in hole big time and i pulled out a win .. way to go to me :)  Before we knew it the day was gone and it was time to head home to relax a bit before going to dream world .. hope you had a great day!  I know i promised a continuation of Saturday’s blog but I'm too tired .. maybe tomorrow.