Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cleaning day

Ajo, AZ

We had a visitor last night.  We heard the dogs go crazy and thought someone was walking their dog so we didn’t pay any attention .. nope .. it was critter, the tracks look like Javelina (kinda like a pig) http://www.gatewaytosedona.com/popular-articles/item/70-the-javelina-sedona-arizonas-famous-pig-like-desert-dweller you can read more about them here if your interested. 

(borrowed picture from the internet)

The Javelina - Sedona, Arizona's Famous Pig-Like Desert Dweller

This poor flower was mauled,  ate all the leaves off it and even pulled the entire roots out of the pot.  So this morning I had to repot it and duck tape the flower pot.  They didn’t bother my rose bushes, guess the thorns detoured them away.  I sure hope my flower makes it through, they’ve had a ruff winter already. 


I was awaken today by a dog who needed to go potty.  So I got my bones out of bed and got dressed and took them out to do their business.  Then I went to work on cleaning.  I did last night dinner dishes and then I needed to walk over to the Dollar General to get a few items.  We had smoked brisket yesterday and I save the broth and left over brisket for beans today.  I found some bean soup (my favorite beans) and picked up a few other things.  They were out of milk so I had to go back this afternoon and got a gal.  Wow .. milk is $2.60 a gal here! 


I went over and visited with the guys while they had their break and then I took the dogs on walk before lunch time.  One of the ladies from the church made Chili for lunch and it was good.  After lunch I decided I need to tackle the bedroom and dust it.  I always put that off until I can’t stand it anymore.  Well that time has arrived.  We get lots of dust in there from the AC.  After that dreaded job was done I decided to change our bed sheets since I hadn’t done that since we left LA.   Since I was on a roll I cleaned the bathroom as well.  (well I didn’t do the deep cleaning, just dusting and washing of the stool) the shower will be another day.


the fellowship hall roof is coming right along.  In fact all the tin is on, now it’s the finishing touches tomorrow and Thursday the other tin for the Church and class rooms should be in. 


This afternoon since the sun was shining and it didn’t feel bad out in the sunshine I decided to walk down to the local thrift store that is open Tues – Sat but I didn’t find anything.  I sure do miss Miami thrift stores, they were the best!  After I got home I walked across the street there is a bakery and man does it have a good smell coming from there in the morning.  I have been trying to resist it but it’s getting harder.  There is a mural on the side of it and guess what?  You got it, my friend Michael that lives here now did it, this is just one of the many works of art he has done.  I love it and it’s from the movie “Night of the Lepus” that was actually filmed here in Ajo city limits!  Pretty neat huh?  I love murals. 


I made some cornbread to go with our bean soup and dinner was served.  mmm it was good.  The rest of the evening is being spent relaxing and watching some TV and surfing the net.  Tomorrow is suppose to be a warmer day, Yeah hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to get in my comfy clothes and lounge outside in my lounger.