Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lafayette, La

Today we got up early and loaded up in our truck.  Tommy, Diane, Don, hubby and I are going to Lafayette, La today to explore the Cajun cultural.  We got on the road and our first stop was the Lafayette Visitor Center. 


We explored the visitor center and got some good suggestions of places to see and where to eat.


I love the art work outside


decorated for christmas


a cabinet full of their history


French sign


the board walk


Here is our new friend Don, he is single for any good single women out there :)

iphone pics 7_31_12 325

Lenny (hubby) and I on the board walk

iphone pics 7_31_12 328

Tommy and Diane on the board walk


there were no gators that we saw .. i’m sure it’s because this visitor center is in the middle of town and surrounded by busy highways.


Don and I … i twisted his arm to get him to pose with me :)


The duck house


and here are the ducks


Yes it’s your lucky day, you are getting pictures of me since Diane is taking pictures too (thanks Diane) Hey family look!  Hubby is actually smiling .. this is a very rare photo .. you better cherish it as you know their very far and between (hubby hardly ever smiles in a picture)

iphone pics 7_31_12 330

more cypress knobs


Looking over the area

iphone pics 7_31_12 323 

here is a gorgeous goose


the visitor center from the board walk


Tommy and Don


it’s a beautiful place to explore


the three stooges .. trying to figure out which way to go next


were almost to the end of the board walk


hubby and me under the sign


Tommy and Diane under the sign


Next on list was to stop at a famous place to eat for some brunch. 



Dwyer's Cafe .. Don ordered breakfast and everyone else ordered lunch


the sun hadn’t come out yet, so it was a bit cool to sit outside and enjoy the meal so we chose to sit inside. 


the building across the street had a pretty mural


the street both ways has several little malls, but we didn’t have time today


Because we did so many things, i can not begin to put it all in one post, so once again your going to get several post on exploring Lafayette, La .. we left early and got home around 10 pm .. wait till you see what we did next …..