Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Enid Lake at Wallace Creek Campground

Enid, MS

Since i hadn’t slept good the past few nights, i took a sleeping pill last night, I was in bed early and up early with the new time change.  I always dread the fall back time.  It makes the days short and the nights long.  In the winter time sometimes I'm in bed by 8.30 PM.  When it get’s dark .. I’m ready to put my PJ’s on and curl up in bed.  YES .. I prefer more daylight then i do darkness. 


Wallace Creek Campground site # 18 at Enid Lake COE .. what a wonderful view we have.  It was a nippy morning here in Enid, MS.  The temp’s were in the mid 40’s.  But warmed up to the mid 60’s.


I kept waiting for the sun to come out, but it never did.  We wasn’t sure if we were staying another night or if we were going to pack up and head to warmer climate.  Neither of us felt that great and it was a blah day.  We sure was glad we chose yesterday as a travel day.  It was a perfect day for traveling.  We had no wind, not much traffic, sunshine and an extra hour of traveling time.  We decided around lunch time that we’d stay put another day.  We wasn’t sure if we’d stay beyond that due to the weather.  After having a sandwich for  lunch it had warmed up enough that we decided to venture out and check out our new surroundings. 


First was to check out the boat dock and picnic area near our campground.  I do believe their swimming area is now a dry swimming hole.  Looks like the lake is dry like most places that are needing rain.


They have several and very nice pavilion shelters for gatherings.  This one even has a nice huge grill. 


they have a nice fish cleaning station, it’s closed now for the winter season.


Next we headed to the visitor center to get some information on the place. 


They have a nice place to sit and look at the emergency over fill area.  Their brochure says it’s only been used 4 times.


We crossed onto the Dam Road, it’s very nice and scenic


here is the lake crossing the road.  It’s a very nice size lake.


This was absolutely breath taking to view on top.


although i have to admit i was not to keen on the step turn to go down to see it.  When we turned to go down all i could see was a huge drop off and my head started spinning.


it was really neat and i love the sound of rushing water.  I could have stood here all day and listened to it.  That sure is a lot of rushing water coming through there.


Even though it was a bit on the cool side several people were fishing.  Mid 60’s is cool to me.


We traveled on down and viewed some more of the stream.


hubby loves just looking off into the water.  When we are near water, we are in our own little world.  When I'm near water i am happy, water seems to relax me and takes all of life’s stresses away from me.  Water is good medicine for me weather I'm sick or just down in the dumps.


This is definitely an “it” site for us.  We have a nice level concrete pad and our site is level which is good for me with walking, plenty of room to park the truck and our home, the dogs have lots of room to run and we have no close neighbors.  We’ve decided we would stay a couple more days.  We decided to pay up until Wednesday.  With my Golden Access discount it’s only $6 per night due to the winter season discount rates.  That means saving $3 bucks a night!  The dogs are loving it here.  This morning they were playing outside chasing each other, they love the room they have to play.


Here is the view out the back and right side of our home (recliners and table)


here is the view out the left side of home (couch)


It was getting late and we still needed to walk the dogs.  They so look forward to getting to sniff, explore and potty in a new place.  We walked the dogs around the campground and down by the lake.  We got home just in time as here came the rain.  Even though it’s getting cooler and the rain has arrived for a bit, we are nice and comfy inside of our home. 


Normally we have a clear view of the lake but with the rain it was foggy and a beautiful view.  It gave us that feeling that we were at the ocean watching a storm come across.  We definitely have enjoyed our day here today even though the temps are not our desired warmth.  It was still tolerable and even though a long sleeve (hubby) and a jacket (for me) was required. 

It was time for dinner and since we are not near anything i cooked!  YESSSS .. i actually cooked dinner tonight.  I plan to start cooking a bit more as I need to lose a few more lbs before the wedding.  Dinner tonight was sausage patties and milk gravy with bread.  We hadn’t had that for some time so it hit the spot just right. 

It’s going to be a night of snuggling up in bed reading a book until it’s lights out for me.  I’m starting to get on my winter schedule.