Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Peaceful Day


i spent the evening curled up on the couch with hubby switching back and forth watching the Cards and Ram and both lost!! First games of the season that i have watched and both were losers!!! Guess i should have went to bed and watched Hallmark .... maybe then they both would of won ....


It’s another overcast day .. I got up this morning and went outside to take a few photos.  It wasn’t a bad morning to be outside.  The temps were not bad at all!  The rain is suppose to move in sometime today and continue through the next few days.


We got a few rain drops right before lunch but nothing that amounted to anything.  The campground is getting empty.  There is just a couple of us left and it’s nice and quiet.  Just the way we enjoy it.  If the weather would stay like this, it would be awesome. 


I just love seeing the leaves all around .. if it wasn’t for my back and leg pain .. Fall would be one of my favorite times of the year!  But when the cooler temps or rain moves in, it causes me lots of back and leg pain and that is not fun at all! 


It’s been a lazy day, in fact I decided it was going to be a PJ day so that is what I did .. I stayed in my PJ’s!  Even when I had company!  After lunch my friend Wanda stopped to see me and I also visited with Penny 2 who lives across from us .. see her lil yellow bug?  It’s adorable and has a flower on the front of it .. so adorable!


Dinner tonight was fried Pork Chops and fried Zucchini .. mmm it was so good .. thanks hubby!  Hubby cooks and I clean up, although I still clean up when I do the cooking .. hmmm I believe there is just something wrong with this picture?


Only a few more days left of October and another month will have went right on by.  I do believe October flew bye.  We still have not made any final plans about what we are going to do .. Are we going to winterize the camper and close it up and move it to our stick home or are we just going to winterize and dry camp and go back and forth between the two?  Decisions, decisions …. we both are torn between what to do .. so far the water is still on and so we feel there is no need to hurry and decide .. until they shut the water off .. we have all of life’s luxary’s in our home on wheels.