Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Tyson and a continuous .. Just for you boys!

I’ve been down in the back because of the weather so i really haven’t been doing anything other then being wrapped in heating pads and resting.  So your going to get a continuous of our fun filled day on Thursday. But first …………..

29 years ago today we became first time proud parents of a son.  Tyson, we are proud of him and he has turned into a wonderful father and son.  Even though we are not there with you to share this day, we are thinking of you and love you very much.  We are proud that you are our son.  Love bud!

Tyson since this is your birthday, it’s also your lucky day .. i have pictures for you that you will just love and something to hold over you dad for years to come .. glad i can share these with you on your birthday.  I know Gabey Baby you will love them as well and i love you too!


see the broken grill?


see the muddy tire?


look at this truck .. i do not believe it has ever been this muddy since we’ve owned it!!!


Do I have you wondering how in the world our truck could look like this?  Well ……… let me tell you ……….

my wonderful, darling, smart, patient husband ……… did not listen to his intelligent wife!!!!!!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSS  you read that right!!

After we were finishing up our long day, our last place we toured they parked us in a very tight spot and then parked another big truck next to us on one side and another car beside us, in front of us and close behind us.  We were parked in and instead of waiting for someone to come and move .. the guys decided to twist us out. 

those who know me .. know where this is going!  Don’t Ya!!  Trust me .. i didn’t fail your thoughts!!  YESSSS,  i was still inside of the truck while all this twisting and close quarters was going on and yes i was stressing out and begging my not so adorable husband at the time to just stop and wait.  Of course being the male he is and with Tommy and Don helping him .. they were not letting that happen.

We finally get out of the hole with no banging of any other cars and then cars come in behind us and we are parked in again.  Tommy goes to ask them to back up because we can’t jump the ditch or make the turn to get out our end and back up would have been our best option.  Even this dumb blonde knew that!

Well those of you who know my husband and being tired and impatient he decided he could make the turn and get out.  Yeah right .. like that was gonna happen.  Apparently the day before they had 4 inches of rain and when we went to make the turn and hubby needed to back up a bit to make the turn our front end slid right into the ditch and buried the front end of our truck!  The 4 wheel drive was no help!  I begged him to wait and of course as always .. the man in him just wouldn’t let him listen.

Of course i jumped out of the truck and went off like a canyon!  I called a record truck but they said 45 mins at least and i should look for someone closer.  While Diane and Don were looking on their phones God sent us an angel to pull us out.  I needed to get away and headed to the rest room or i should say porta potty!!!  YESSS i was that stressed out that i even used it!  That alone tells you how stressed i was over the entire situation. 

Finally we got pulled out and was on our way home.  We just ended our evening with a bang .. so you know what hubby will be doing this weekend?  YESSS .. kissing up to his absolutely beautiful patient wife :)  repairing and cleaning!!!