Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beautiful Indian Summer Day

Today has started off to be a beautiful Indian Summer Day.

 002  004 

The birds are really enjoying their beautiful morning and the sunflower seeds we put out for them.  The other feeder they were picking out the sunflower seeds so we set up another feeder with just the seeds for the bigger birds.

006  008

This wood pecker should be stuffed!  He is so pretty and I have enjoyed watching them. 

009 010  

One of the wood peckers has a red ring on his head .. this one doesn’t hmm male and female? 


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the lake today.  It’s an over cast day with no sun but the temp right now is 62 degrees! 


We ran to town and picked up some more junk food .. yes that is all i have bought since being here is junk food .. basically for the kids but we got our junk food today for our road trip.  We also had to get our sticker for our camp plate it expires the end of December.  Filled the truck up with $93 worth of diesel.  Ouch!! 

Then we came home and got everything we could ready to go .. it actually didn’t take very long at all!  Of course we’ve been living in the mode that if you get it out and use it, it goes back where you got when your finished.  Since we will be moving around more this winter we plan to live this way all winter long.   I packed up the grandkids toys and have them stored away until they return to visit.  Swept the floors, put the locks on the frig shelves in place, moved the ice cream to the refrigerator freezer, locked the cabinets and everything is in place.  Hubby has taken down the bird feeder (their not happy) back jacks (yes we move now), emptied the sewer and now all we have to do in the morning is the last minute things .. hubby will have to unhook the satellite, electric cords and hook the truck up while i put away the coffee pot and a few last minute things and then we will be ready to roll to warmer climate.  The dogs are excited they know their going to get to travel.

Our afternoon and evening is being spent just relaxing and were not sure what time our son Gabe is coming to visit for one last time.  We haven’t really gotten to see him much this fall.  When we were home in October he was busy farming.