Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ocala National Forest and The Villages

Leesburg, FL


Got up this morning and slowly got around.  First on the list today was go explore Ocala National Forest. I was looking for Big Scrub campground.  We found Big Bass and it’s a small campground with no hookups.  Several were there camping.  We started up the road to go farther to find Big Scrub but the road was horrible.  It was so washed board that the truck kept trying to turn side ways.  We went about 3 miles and it was all i could stand.  We turned around and headed back to a paved road.  We did see a sad site on our way out.  A poor dog who was so thin and had a big scrap on his back side.  We stopped and tried to get the dog to come to us but he was too afraid.  He ran from us.  We tried to give him a granola bar it’s all we had in the truck to eat.  Nothing doing he wouldn’t come to us.  We left the bar and drove down the road and watched him.  After he/she was sure we were not coming back the dog went for the bar we left.  We felt horrible leaving the dog but he wouldn’t come to us.  I made a phone call to alert authorities that there was a lost or stray dog in need in the area. 


After we left Ocala we wanted to see what was the best way for us to leave out with our home.  US 42 is closed down near us so we need to find an alt route out.  After we did our trial run we head to town to get some needed supplies.  First on the list was some Freon for the truck AC!  It was not putting out any cool air today and i am not good at being hot.  Hubby had checked out the AC once we got here and he was pretty sure it just low.


On our way we passed the Village


After getting  the Freon kit $ 30 that we needed for the truck AC i wanted to stop at Dollar Tree and Aldies.  I picked up a few more things i was running low on .. Ouch $40 at Aldies and $16 at the Dollar Tree.  I get so furious when i have to grocery shop.  The prices are just horrible and doesn't appear to be getting any better but only worse.   I don’t know if i had mentioned it but I’m trying to get hubby and I to eating more healthier since we both struggle with high blood pressure,  Heart disease and Diabetes both run in our families.  We are reaching that age in life where we need to get started now.    I hear people say how in the US obesity is at a high well i can tell you why.  Trying to eat healthy is expensive, i know just for the two of us it has almost doubled our cost of eating.  I can’t imagine trying to feed a family these days.   We filled up with diesel $4.15 a gallon…$60  so $145 poorer we head back home. 


After relaxing a bit when we got home it was time to start dinner.  I bought some fresh cabbage and frozen stir fry veggies.  Added some shrimp and cooked rice and dinner was served.  We took our nightly walk and enjoyed being outside enjoy the cool evening.  You have to be inside once dark arrives as the skeeters will carry you off.  Another wonderful day.