Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy 76th Birthday Dad

It’s hard to believe that today is your 76th birthday and you are not here to celebrate it with us.  I know your no longer on earth but you will always remain in my heart.  I know that your celebrating your birthday with you beloved son Steven who you lost so many years ag, our beloved Bobbi Jo who God called home way to early.  I know that you and Momma Viv are happy to be reunited.  I am happy that you are no longer suffering in pain and discomfort as cancer ate away at your body. 



Yet my heart still aches for you, my heart has a void, my heart is still broken.  I know that you wanted me to be strong not only for you but my brothers and sisters but daddy no matter how hard I try to let my heart mend it’s still broken over losing you.  There is a piece of me that is missing and that piece is my daddy.  I look back through pictures of you during your last days here on earth and I remember how hard you fought not for yourself but for your children who were not ready to let you go.  I remember you telling me you were ready to go home.  You were tired of fighting a disease that was eating your body up.  You fought hard and strong and you stayed true to your words that you would fight till your very last breathe for your children.


Family meant everything to you, your children and grandchildren were the apple of you eye, the pride that you proudly bared to all that we were yours.  The hugs, the kisses, the I Love you every time we said good bye.  You made sure that every time we had to part we knew just how much you loved us.  You  wore your heart on your sleeve when it came to your family and friends.


I cherish the moments we had together.  I recall each and every time you held me in your arms.  I close my eyes and fill you with your arms wrapped around me.  Oh what I would give to just have you hold me in your arms one more time, to hear you whisper I love you baby girl, just to see your sweet smiling face.


Daddy you are not here to celebrate your birthday but know that you were in my thoughts all day.  I have cried several times today yearning to have you hold me and tell me it will be alright.  I tried to hold close to my heart that you were ready to go home and leave a world your body was filled with pain.  Instead of thinking of how much I hurt that God called you home before I was ready to let you.  I pray to God that he let’s you know that I think of each and every day.  I love to be in the room where you took your last breathe, I love to look at the picture of you that hangs on my wall, I love to feel that you are with me here in your home and in my heart.

dad swinging

Daddy I cherish the family reunion that you so wanted to have before you had to say good bye to us all.  When I look at these pictures I think if only I had known how little of time we actually had left.  I know in my heart you crossed over knowing that your children loved and adored you, your children knew and felt all the love you had for them.  So on this day I want to say Happy Birthday Daddy.  I love you more than words can say!