Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

What a life!

Our grand dog Bambi has been staying with us since our son Tyson has been too.  He is having vehicle  problems. 


as you can see Bambi has made herself at home here and what better thing to do on a warm summer day

20130806_153750 (1)

Roo and Lexi decided relaxing under the AC was a good idea

20130806_153804 (1)

I spent my day doing laundry and hanging it out to dry.  My dryer is broke down again and I’m waiting for the part to arrive that is on back order .. tonight we had some needed rain .. although we got a down pour!  I’ve spent most of my evening in bed with neck, back and leg pain and since I couldn’t sleep and with the humidity levels lately I’ve been having neck, back and leg pain so sleep has been far and few in between so I decided to get my blog updated.  I’m hoping my med’s will kick in and sleep will arrive soon. 

Having health issues is not fun and being sleep deprived is no fun either .. but back and leg pain is the worst!  Most times I try to do and enjoy what I can in every day life but it’s horrible when you can not sleep.  There are days that a nap has to be apart of day esp when I go several nights of not sleeping.   A few nights ago I didn’t get to sleep until 5.30 am and was back up before 9 am!  4 hours of ZZZ is just not enough to run all day on.  Most nights I try to be in bed by 9 Pm but it takes me several hours to get to sleep due to my back and leg pain and then when my neck pain starts in .. it’s much worse.  I have to face the fact that spine is just deteriorating away on me and my future outlook is not good. But for now I am enjoying all that I can while I can.  I live hour by hour and am thankful for my good days and get through my bad days.  God has blessed me and for that I am thankful for the life am able to live.  I always tell myself that there are others out there with worse troubles then mine.

Okay I think it’s time to see if I can get some ZZZ’s .. It’s almost 3 AM!!!