Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sick with Allergies

Not really much going on here with us.  We are still very sad and hurting over losing our beloved LuLu.  I have found being home during the daytime is hard for me as i keep looking forward LuLu to come and want to be held.  Hubby has his worst moments in the morning and at night as that is when LuLu wanted her daddy.   She would follow him to the bathroom, bedroom or where ever he went.  LuLu also had to sleep between us.  She had to be next to her daddy at night.  Now we do not have that barrier and we miss it.  From the time she was a 6 weeks old she has slept with us and always in between us. 

The other dogs are just mopping around and so far i have not been able to wash her pillow and cover yet.  I went to pick them up the other day and i broke down and cried.  I put them back and Duke my male dog ran over and laid on them like, don’t touch these.  Duke is grieving the most of the dogs over the loss of LuLu.  He is eating very little and lays on her cover and pillow, he fixed them just the way he wanted and that is where he lays and at times you can hear him whimpering. 

We had some decisions to make about what to do with our beloved LuLu’s body and i did not want to bury her here in Miami, FL.  I want her put to rest back home.  We had thought about having her cremated but the boys wouldn’t get to see her and say good bye so we decided to wrap her in a trash bag and put her into our freezer and carry her back home and then we will put her to rest.  It may not sound normal to some but we decided we had to do what we felt was best in our hearts.

Wednesday and Thursday i spent all day at home doing nothing other then laying around and having my crying spells.  I’ve been sick with my allergies big time, so going outside has been very limited for me.  It’s that time of the year when everything outside affects my allergies.  I’m on my medication and trying to prevent an ER room visit.  On Friday i spent the morning shopping with Bev, Peggy and Jan and then after lunch Bev and I went to a few places.  She had some returns and i needed to take back the prescription food and drink that i hadn’t opened and used for LuLu to the vet.  The vet was very good to take back the unused cans.


Hubby is not feeling well either, he has been having horrible hiccups, stomach cramps and severe cold chills and then cold sweats.  Not sure if it’s just stress from losing his best friend or if he is coming down with something.  It’s been pretty gloomy few days for us in our household. 

We have made some change in plans as to our next destination.  We had originally planned to leave Miami and head to the Florida Keys but neither of us are feeling well and have decided that we just don’t have the desire to go there after all.  Plus with spring break being the month of March we just don’t want to fight the crowds.  Instead we are talking about leaving here around the 19th of March and head North.  If the weather holds out we may return home in April instead of May.  We’d like to get our beloved LuLu put in her final resting place.

I have made a memorial tribute to LuLu by putting pictures that i have with me of her on my digital picture frame and have it playing and then i took her collar and wrapped it around the bottom of it.  We plan to hang her collar around our rear view mirror in the truck on our journey home.  She so loved to ride and she got so excited when she knew we were moving to a new location.  She definitely enjoyed her full time lifestyle.

The weather this week has been warm but it’s been a gloomy week with only peaks of the sun from time to time.  Thursday we had some rain off and on and this morning we had a few brief drizzle.  But finally the sun came out.  Hope your all having a great week.  I’m praying we get to feeling better soon and we can get out and enjoy our last week here in Miami, FL