Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another cold morning

Once again i was to bed before 9.30 pm!  I slept so good but i woke up to the noise of the furnace running.  We have 2 electric heaters plus our furnace is running!  Wow it’s one cold morning!   I snapped a picture shot of the weather bug for us.
It’s 23 degrees with a wind chill of feeling like 14!  Oh it’s cold outside but inside i looked at the temperature on our thermostat and it reads 68 degrees.  We may need more propane if this cold spell keeps up … grrrr  68 degrees is okay for sleeping temps but when I'm up i prefer 78 degrees!  Yes, you assumed right, i turned the furnace up to 78 degrees!  It won’t take long and it will be nice and warm inside for me to be up and about. If your assuming I'm cold natured .. your correct again.  I didn’t used to be, but anymore my body can not take the cold with my back injury.  It’s weird as most people who suffer with MS can not take heat.  I’m the opposite.  They tell me it’s due to my spinal cord injury and less circulation and most likely there is some arthritis  in my back and as anyone knows who suffers with him .. he doesn’t like damp or cold weather.  

In our motor home all the water lines were inside so we didn’t have to worry about them freezing like we do in the 5th wheel.  Our 5th wheel has all the lines ran underneath in the basement so that is why we need to make sure our furnace runs to keep the underneath bays above freezing.  Other then being hooked up to electric we are basically dry camping as we are not hooked up to any water or sewage.   Another disadvantage when it comes to the cold is we have not 1 but 4 slide outs.  They are just not insulated very well.  In our motor home because it had no slide outs if we ran 2 electric heaters it would get so hot in there you were opening windows for cool air.  Not the case in our 5th wheel.  Although our motor home was 30’ with no slide outs and our 5th wheel is 38’ with 4 slide outs.  Major difference in square footage for heating.  We are fortunate that we purchased our home with the extreme arctic package.  It has much more insulation and is easier to heat and cool.  I noticed this morning when i took the dogs outside that several of the campers here at the park have their slide outs pulled in.  We do not have to do that to stay warm.  Even the big fancy looking motor home across the way has their slide out pulled in. 

That was something we didn’t pay close attention when we purchased our home.  When our slides are in the living room and kitchen are off limits.  Although we have not found that to be a problem for us.  It gives me an excuse while traveling not to have to cook and do dishes :)

Today we meet a friend over at the Lady Slipper for lunch.  Lady Slipper has the best buffet in the area.  I was so glad to get me a funnel cake!

After several hours of catching up we drove around looking at the RV  Parks in the area for future usage.  We got home around 4.30 pm.  Another camper pulled out today and now there is 4 campers and a van other then the camp host. 

It’s suppose to be another cold night so we got the water we would need for the evening.  Hopefully it will be warming up soon.  We are paid up here until Tuesday and then we are not sure what we will be doing.   Depends on Lucy’s vet visit tomorrow.

Studying 1 Peter

I have decided that i am going to try to make 2 different post each day.  One will be our journey in life as we travel around the country seeing God’s beauty.  The other is going to be on my devotional time with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.  I know some of my followers are not Christians and so that is why i am separating the Two.   Although i would like for you to read what i write but i am not one to push my religious beliefs on someone else.  I respect your choices in life.

Last night my devotional time was spent reading 1 peter chapters 3 & 4.  God spoke to my heart as i studied these scriptures.  These scriptures were written for how husband and wives should respect and honor each other.  How our beauty should not show on the outside but instead we should have inner beauty.  God spoke to me through these scriptures.  That myself as a Christians should live for God.  That yes I will be judged by others who chose to live for sin.  Even though I will go through turmoil and my life will have distress I should still continue to live as Christ did.  Christ lived for good and not evil.  That the end of time is nearing and I need to be clear minded and self-controlled so that I can pray to our Lord and Savior.  I should use the gift God has given me  to better serve others. I felt God telling me that he will give me the strength i need to continue to serve him.  That I am not to be ashamed of the trials that i have suffered or will suffer in the future.  But that I am to rejoice and be proud that that Satan feels the need to attack me because of my strength and my choice to bear Christ name as I walk close to God by obeying my Lord and Savior.   Joy will overcome me when i see his glory revealed.  Judgment begins with the family of God and if it begins with me, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey God.  It is a hard walk for the righteous, but just think what the outcome is for those who refuse Christ and remain a sinner.  God’s word tells me that as a child of his i should continue to submit myself and be faithful to my creator and continue to do good works for him.

I do not know what lays ahead of me right now.  All i do know is that i will continue my daily walk with my Lord and Savior, my wonderful Savior who more precious then any gold.  My almighty God who is my blessed redeemer.  I will rejoice and be glad to shout to the world as God continues to give me knowledge and strength to fight what ever Satan may throw at me.