Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Shopping



It was a great weekend spent with the grand kids and I truly am enjoying spending time with them.  They are growing up so fast and before I know it Grammy will be someone they see once in awhile.  So I am truly enjoying the blessing of seeing them a lot.  Being on the rode as a full-time RVer I missed a lot of things with them.  Normally summer months were spent with them as much as I could.

went home around 1 pm on Sunday and so it was time to go do the dreaded task of Christmas shopping.  I hadn’t bought one thing and had a long list! 

It was cold as that is all we’ve been having is cold weather!  No sun to be found and it was a dreary afternoon.  The first store was a bust and after the second store I still wasn’t finding much on my list .. I was beginning to panic!   I found a few things at store number 2 and then on to store 3 and I found several things there and on to store number 4 and I found several needed items on my list. 

Of course after all that shopping I was starving so a much needed trip to the Chinese buffet was on the list Smile  Before I knew it dark had approached and it was getting even colder and it was time to head home to rest a killer back and legs.



Wednesday after dropping the kids off at school I needed to head to finish up my Christmas shopping.  When I came out of Wal-mart huge snow flakes were falling!  I can officially say I got my Christmas shopping done!  I’m so glad that is over and now I remember why I was thrilled to be away for the holidays.  After several years of not having to Christmas shop, I still did not enjoy it!!

Next all these things have to be wrapped but that will be another day ..