Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Passing of our beloved Dolly

Our beloved Dolly passed away this morning around 8.30 AM.  Her first  5 years of her life were ruff as she spent them living in a very small cage.  Once Dolly came to live with us it took her a bit to get used to not living in a cage.  Below is a picture of her a goat that we raised on a bottle.  We kept the goat in the cage until he was house broken and Dolly always insisted on being in there with him.


Dolly loved life and enjoyed seeing new places.  Dolly was 15 yrs old when she passed on .. so she had 10 good years with us.  I’m so happy that her good years out weighed her bad years.

We buried Dolly with her favorite cover (blue and white snow flakes in above picture) and next to our beloved Lulu, Duke and Dixie, now they all 4 rest in peace together. 


Dolly didn’t like baths as she was so cold natured, she just shivered.  She didn’t have much hair.


Dolly would use her nose to throw her sweeter in the air during the winter .. it was her way of saying “I’m cold, put my sweeter on me)


Dolly loved snuggling with the other dogs and so her final rest place had to be with those she loved.


Dolly you  will be missed and our hearts are sad.  May you rest in peace my sweet sweet Dolly.