Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Repeat of Yesterday!

It was another late night for me, I didn’t get to sleep until around 3 AM.  I finally gave in and took 2 pain pills and a sleeping pill so I could finally get some rest!  So YES .. I slept in the morning away.  We woke to another cold morning and so staying in bed was the perfect thing to do.  Once I got up and got around I made some home made egg noodles to cook for dinner.  As you know I cooked a turkey yesterday and used the broth and some meat and it made a tasty dinner.  I put a bit of turkey in the frig for sandwiches later and the rest I packaged and put in the freezer. 

Later in the afternoon one of the ladies from the church brought us some home made cinnamon rolls and let me tell you they were still warm and delicious! 

Since it’s been another day of wind and nippy temps, only reached the low 60’s so I spent my entire inside just relaxing this aching back and legs.  When the weather turns bad it affects my spinal injury and then that causes my MS to flare up and that means I do well to even function.  In fact I didn’t get dressed until late in the afternoon and that was only because we wanted to to to the grocery store and purchased some oranges they had on sale and hubby got him another bucket of ice cream.  (It was the last day the sale was on)  The rest of our evening was spent doing absolutely nothing but resting, surfing the web and watching TV.

I did some looking tonight of how long we’ve been in AZ and we’ve been in AZ for 35 days and we’ve only had 10 days of temperatures reaching 70 or more degrees since being here!  Now there is really something wrong with this picture!  Who ever said Arizona is warm in the winter .. flat out lied to me!  I have no suntan and I have not even had shorts on not one time this winter!  Yes, I’ve had my short pants or what ever you call them but they go below the knee. 

I do have some exciting news .. well kind of .. In 2 days it will be V’day and normally hubby and I do not celebrate these holidays but this year I bought myself something.  Although I will not get it until next week .. so you will have to wait until I get it before I spill the beans .. I’m so excited!!

Windy, Chilly and Down in the back

Ajo, AZ

I slept in this morning, well that was until Lexi woke me up to go potty around 10 AM.  It’s a chilly morning and I’m still not feeling well and I just didn’t feel like getting out of my warm bed. 


Hubby took this picture and It looks like Roo didn’t either? .. what a life this dog lives.  She has to have her own pillows and covers and she pushes me over into the middle of the bed.  YES .. she is spoiled rotten!


the other day Michael our friend dropped me off some tangerines and grapefruits.  Look at the size of the grapefruit.  Let me tell you I’ve eaten one of each and they are delicious!  I’m savoring them .. Thanks Michael!!


I haven’t done a thing today other then I did get a load of laundry going, yesterday dishes and I got the turkey going in the roaster.  I had bought several turkey’s while they were on sale around Thanksgiving and this is the last one left.  Today has been a day of not even getting dressed for me.  It’s chilly, the wind is blowing and this evening we had some spitting rain.  I’ve been sitting/laying on a heating pad all day long. 


Since I got the turkey started late, it wasn’t quiet done for a late lunch early dinner, so I made hubby a egg sandwich and I was craving a pancake.  That was dinner.  Once the turkey was done hubby did make him a turkey sandwich.  Looking out our window tonight we saw the sky was red so I sent hubby outside to capture a picture for me.  Isn’t it beautiful?


If you make this picture bigger you will even see the rainbow we had after the spitting of rain.  Although our friend Brian posted on fb a picture of snow coming down in Tucson, AZ!  So glad it was him and not us!


Here is our home all nestled in on a windy and chilly night.  The even has been spent just relaxing.  We discussed some plans for next month but haven’t really set anything for sure yet.  Hope your all staying warm where ever you are.  We’ve got our Mr. Heater going to keep us nice and toasty inside of our comfy home.