Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Sad Day, Yet A Day of Friendships


The carports are coming along nicely. As you can see .. yes 2 dedicated workers on their day off.



I got up this morning and said good bye to several of the RVer’s. Benny and Carol were the first to leave. We are both sad to see them go. They are an amazing couple and the guys hit it off and so did we ladies. We have really been blessed to have made such wonderful friendships this year. See how lonely it is behind us?


Bud and Pam finally got the wiring fixed on their rig and around 11 am they pulled out. They were the last to leave. It was hard saying good bye to another couple that are very special to us. Another lonely place with their motor home gone.


The rest of my day was spent visiting here and there with the other rver’s.

We were invited to dinner at Audrey's who is a worker here at the home. She invited Rudy, Elaine, Andrew, Bill and Pauline as well. Ms Audrey is an amazing cook and we had a delicious Mexican meal. It was so good and wonderful fellowship.


It’s been a nice day, no sunshine but the temps have been good. See my door is open again today!!


This AJ, Ms. Audrey’s puppy. He was waiting to greet us. He is such a cutie.

Later on it was more fellowship and finally around 8.30 pm we got home. It’s been a sad day saying good bye to blessed friends we love, yet a great day in enjoying the fellowship of others we love.

Hope you all had a blessed day