Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mississippi here we come

Last night was our first time staying over night while traveling on the road since we got our new home. It’s different then it was in the motor home. With our motor home we had access to everything. Well in our new home, we don’t. When the slides are in you can not access anything in the kitchen/living room. No big deal since i don’t do much cooking and esp when were on the road.

We do have access to the bedroom and bathroom, very important. With our new home we have to lift the generator in and out, in our motor home we didn’t have to do that. What we did was put it under the 5th wheel between the truck and camper and we ran a ext cord through the bedroom slide out to plug in the TV, alarm clock and my computer of course. those are must have things. One good thing we like about truck stops is the truckers don't mind our generator noise as their running their trucks, plus the noise is an added bonus as when it’s quiet we don’t sleep as good. Other then the fact that you don’t have heat/air while your traveling, it wasn’t bad. Normally by the time we stop were tired and ready to lay in bed and relax anyway.


We woke to a nippy morning .. we took the dogs potty, went inside and got coffee, soda and a honey bun for the road. We pulled out of the Pilot a bit after 7 am and as you can see the temp was 30 degrees!


Once we were into Mississippi the temps had warmed up nicely and it was a smooth ride.


We were finally in Mississippi and of course we had to stop at the welcome center.

100_3576 100_3577

The welcome center was pretty neat, it had soldiers and of course fall decorations.

100_3578 100_3579 100_3580

Lots of miles through Mississippi as once again we are going down the entire state.

100_3581 100_3583

We finally arrived around 2.30 pm. Jim and a man named Russell greeted us. Hubby got us backed in and we started getting setup.

After we got settled in we went out to dinner with fellow RVer’s Jim and Lonna. They took us to a fabulous place called Catfish something .. i forget the rest but will get it later. The food was wonderful and the fish was excellent! I had a Ribeye steak that was so good, hubby and the others had all you can eat catfish .. it was really good too.

We got home around 8 or so and we were exhausted so we called it a night and went to our own homes. A shower and the bed was calling me. It’s so good to be parked in a new place.