Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fishing and Fun

It’s been a busy few days.  The kids and hubby have been catching their limit of fish and needless to say I’ve been a very happy camper with lots of fish to eat.  
The weather has been great .. nice and warm and makes the creek feel wonderful for sitting with your feet in it to get cooled off.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

With all the kids being here our home is a little on the messy side. 
At night the table and chairs is moved in front of the sink and stove
I snapped pictures of our sleeping arrangements.
It has worked …
Tyson and his family had to leave today .. unfortunately work calls.  The grandkids got new hats.  
Once Tyson was gone, I chased hubby and the other 2 kids off to go fishing while I picked and cleaned up some what.  I got some laundry going as well. 
Later in the evening it was time to take the grand dog to play.
She loves the water and it’s a great warm day for playing in the water.
The water from the flooding is still up and running over the crossings.  Of course that hasn’t stopped the 4 wheelers from crossing.
It’s been another beautiful fun filled day on the ranch.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Ranch Fun

It was another day of getting up and having too much fun with our family.
more 4 wheeling
craw dad hunting

family time
big kids having fun
playing in the creek
Another night of bbq hamburgers and hot dogs before heading to bed

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beautiful day at the Ranch

Tyson and his family arrived around 3.30 AM.  We were up and starting a beautiful day at the ranch.
We’ve spent the day 4 wheel riding and throwing rocks and ...
The kids are having a great time at the ranch.

getting in the water .. the weather is sunny and warm finally and great for a dip in the cool water.

We had a bbq for dinner. P.steaks, polish sausage and hot dogs with a great side dishes.

It was a great day of fun and were all wore out.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Family holiday begins

Gabe and Kelsey arrived around 2 am and it was almost 4 am before I got back to sleep.  So yes, we all slept in this morning.

Of course it wasn’t a day without rain here and there but we still managed to get some 4 wheel riding in between the showers.  It’s a bit on the cool side. 

We toured more of the ranch and saw lots more of the destruction from the high water.
Several of the water crossings are still too high to cross or destroyed to and unsafe attempt to cross them.
We had fresh trout for dinner and it was so good.  I put some baked beans in the crock pot to cook while we were out having too much fun.  Then I made a ranch mac salad and that was dinner.

Later or I should say early in the morning the other set of kids will be here .. Let the fun begin.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Down in the back

I woke to a cool dreary looking day.  My back is beginning to feel the effects of all the rain and the cool weather.  Hubby got me settled in on the couch and then headed off fishing.
He did pretty good and caught his limit on his first trip.  It’s amazing how he can get his limit when he thinks he won’t get to go again that day.  He was worried about me. 

I am glad to say that we didn’t have any rain today and tomorrow the sunshine is suppose to return.  I’m excited to sunshine.  I spent my entire laying around on the couch.  Resting my back.  Hubby decided to take advantage of our last day of peace and quiet and just being plain lazy. 

Tomorrow the kids start arriving and look out.  The campgrounds are really getting packed with campers and ATV’s are everywhere.  Lots of noise.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Dreary Day

I slept in as there really wasn’t much else to do.  Then I got up and got a couple loads of laundry going.  I have basically did nothing today.  I rode up to the store with hubby to get some fishing supplies.  He bought some at Wal-mart yesterday but they failed to put them in my cart.  I called and have to bring my receipt in next time I’m in there.
Foggy crossing in the Foggy campground
From all the rain here all the crossings are closed due to high water. 
This is normally the swimming hole where the adult and kids enjoy cooling off on a hot day.  No way of doing that now with the high and rushing water.
Here is the Frank Shore crossing in wilder campground
We did get some rain and after the rain the sun came out and I went fishing with hubby.  Well he fished and I took pictures.  He finished catching his limit for the day.
These pictures are of the spring at the handicap fishing area.
The spring is really roaring water out of it.
The bank in the above picture has caved off
Yes it has rained off and on most of the afternoon. Hubby went fishing while the sun was out and I played online.  Then came the rain and I spent my time curled up on the couch reading a book.
He caught a couple fish and got home right before the rain came.  I’m hoping he gets enough fish for a mess soon.    I love to eat fish.
This is Jim Bean crossing on the other side of Wilder,  The picture of hubby show's what the bank used to look like.
These pictures are what it looks like now .. As you can see there used to be a high bank.  Wow .. it leveled it all off.
Where the rocks are sticking out is where I used to sit in my lawn chair and read while hubby fished.
As you can see .. now it’s where hubby stands to fish and I have to sit way back.  The picture below show’s how far back the water goes.
This is another of hubby’s fishing holes and it used to be nothing but brush and I couldn’t get down to it.   The water has cleared it all off and now I can get to it.
We came home and then we went to visit friends and yes it rained again.  We had to go inside their camper it rained so hard but fortunately for us it didn’t last that long.  Our satellite keeps going in and out from the wind blowing the trees.  Hubby has it aimed between 2 trees to get signal.  Before we knew it was bedtime.  It’s amazing how fast the days go here.