Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Parade

Today there will be 2 post as i have lots of pictures of the day and night events.

I had seen on the local news that Mobile was having their Christmas Parade. Yep .. hubby is taking me. Randall and Janice decided they would like to ride with us. The other RV couple decided to stay home.


We parked in the parking garage for the convention center, science center and several hotels.


The renaissance hotel had a funky looking Christmas tree


Here is hubby and I in front of it


Janice and Randall and then we made the men pose .. can you see how happy they were.

100_3895 100_3896

The Hampton Inn is across the street.


We are in the historic downtown part of Mobile, AL. They have balcony's like New Orleans.


I wasn’t sure what this tall building was .. but it has 34 floors!


The parade goes in a square and while we were waiting we headed over to …..


Here is a link that tells you about the park. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bienville_Square 100_3904

This is a memorial of the Battle of Mobile Bay, August 5, 1964. Wow, before my time. Here is a link that will tell you more about it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Mobile_Bay


This is a park and they had lots of things going on. I loved their Christmas tree. Janice and I posed and then …


a sweet lady took all of our picture together.


This gazebo was neat looking. I love old time historic things.


Even though it was a bit on the cool side people were out and about.


I love this cross that was located in the park as well and it was a big attraction for kids to get their pictures on.

100_3918 100_3919

What is a parade without clowns … I love their shoes.

100_3924 100_3925

After lots of walking we headed back and since we were a bit chilled we thought this sounded great …


They all got regular coffee and i got a caramel macchiato. They had iron table and chairs outside so we took advantage and sat in front of the coffee shop and enjoyed the parade.


The police bikers started the parade off


I just love these old cars

100_3931 100_3932 100_3933 100_3934

100_3936 100_3937 100_3938

I loved these christmas girls but i bet they were cold


100_3942 100_3943

Hey look … Ronald McDonald

100_3944 100_3945 100_3946 100_3947 100_3948 100_3949 100_3950 100_3951 100_3952 100_3953 100_3954

100_3957 100_3958 100_3960

Is this Santa or a helper?

100_3961 100_3963 100_3964 100_3965 100_3966

How does the Gulf have a parade without a ship .. they don’t .. pretty neat i thought


Southern Belle’s .. I have to admit this was one my favorite parts of the parade. I love these dresses .. Just glad i never had to wear them.

100_3970 100_3973 100_3974 100_3975


These little girls were adorable and i was thrilled to see the sweat shirts on them as it was a bit on the cool side.

100_3978 100_3979


I’m not sure what happened to Frosty but he started out straight and then he began to lean …

100_3982 100_3983 100_3984

and then he was on his nose ..

100_3985 100_3986 100_3987

These little fellows were enjoying their parade it was cute to see their dance moves and boy did they ever have some moves.

100_3988 100_3989 100_3990 100_3991 100_3992 100_3993 100_3994 100_3995 100_3996 100_3997

Yes even at their age they were enjoying the parade .. or was that their toys?

100_3998 100_4001 100_4002 100_4003 100_4004 100_4006

100_4009 100_4010

The doggies were even getting into the spirit .. or were they just wanting to be where it was warm?

100_4011 100_4013 100_4014 100_4016

I think the guy earlier was a helper because kids .. here is the real santa ..

100_4017 100_4018 100_4019 100_4020 100_4022

Do you believe in Santa? I doo .. look at this face

We really enjoyed touring the historic area of Mobile and the Parade was great. I have to admit it was much warmer then last year parade in Springfield, MO. We took our coats but by the time the parade started we had taken them off today.