Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, October 29, 2010

On the road


We got up and got the last minute things done. We were ready to roll by 8 am. Our friends were not ready so we went down and helped them get their rig ready to roll. The last 3 rigs pulled out all together around 9 am. We stopped for breakfast at Tony’s and then on 55 we parted our ways. Were heading to Mississippi and their both heading to Texas.100_3532

After leaving Illinois we were in Missouri .. Yep some hills, some flat. I didn’t see a Missouri welcome sign .. oh well .. We stopped in Matthews Mo at a Love’s truck stop to fuel up and since it was around 2 o’clock we grabbed a bit of lunch. I got the sweet onion chicken teriyaki subway and hubby got fried chicken.



Crossing the Mississippi River .. what a bridge


The Mississippi is pretty wide here .. I love having internet on the road.


It’s been wonderful having my mifi with me on this trip. I am able to post to my blog and face book for family and friends to keep up with where we are.


Although it is limited and therefore the pictures have to wait until we are parked and free wifi to get posted.


After crossing the bridge Tennessee is in site.


I was so disappointed my Tennessee pic turned out blurry but it was pretty bouncy. They are doing road construction .. Oh well .. you get the ideal that we are now in Tennessee

100_3541 100_3542 100_3543 100_3545 100_3546

I wanted to stop for a break and i enjoy going through the welcome centers.

100_3547 100_3548 100_3549

Tennesse welcome center was decorated for fall .. i love fall decorations and outside they even had cotton. They are big cotton growers

100_3551 100_3552

From the outside it looked like some old cabin but the inside was neat .. this was really neat .. although the entry for truckers/RV’s is not so great .. look

100_3553 100_3554 100_3555

Yes .. you walk up the stairs from the parking lot and then you walk up a steep walkway and finally arrive to the restrooms and then its back down the slope and down the stairs.


Here we are parked in the parking lot


100_3558 100_3560

We parked in Jackson, Tennessee in a Pilot's parking lot for the night. Tomorrow we should arrive in Mississippi. Hubby got the generator out and hooked a cord up so we could have TV, my computer and the alarm clock