Cherish Life today as there may not be a tomorrow. Embrace God and you will succeed in life

Cherish Life today as there may not be a tomorrow. Embrace God and you will succeed in life

Full-time RVers

Full-time RVers

When God is in your Heart, Love is in your Home.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Snow … Cold … Winter

The plan was to pack up and head back to the stick home on Sunday but waking up to a surprise of huge Snowflakes coming down changed that right away.  It was just enough snow to cover the ground and make everything wet, yet beautiful!


Right away of waking up, I knew it wasn’t gonna happen and looking out the window I definitely knew it wasn’t!  So instead it was a Hallmark Movie Channel day of laying in bed and trying to keep the back and legs from screaming with pain. 

Monday was another Dr’ appt and that ended up being a long day which is common with me.  Nothing ever seems to go as planned and new medication was ordered and of course the Pharmacy has to order it as it’s not one kept on hand.   I was just happy to get my screaming body back to the home on Wheels and into bed. 

It was decided that since very cold weather and more snow is being called for, it was best to make the best of it and get what was needed to head to the stick home.  Since the cold weather moved in quicker than predicted I've been under the weather in bed and I will be honest, the home on wheels is a wreck! 

There was so much too do and my body just wasn’t cooperating like it needed to.  The dishes were done, dirty clothes were gathered, food that could freeze was gathered up and the frig was emptied out.

I left things in the cabinets that freezing wouldn’t hurt and that I knew mice couldn’t get into.  Although I did leave them some food out that will not be good for that just in case.  It took most the day as this body just can take so much.  Finally the van was loaded and the fur balls and we made it to the house.  It’ gonna be a big adjustment for us all as Sparky and the dogs have to go back to being leashed in town.  Momma cat can still run loose.

We are now back in the stick home and the end of the week, cold and more snow is being predicted.  It’s time to hibernate and I'm dreading it.  On the plus side I'm glad to have my unlimited electricity as I used my heating pads all night long on a screaming body. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving


From my home to yours ….

20161123 018

I spent the morning getting myself motivated as mornings or evenings are good for me.  Mornings are ruff getting up and around and evenings I'm exhausted from the day.  Go figure huh?

I went and had lunch at my mother in law house and it was a small, quiet but enjoying way to spend a day of Thank.  DH, his mom, our youngest Son Gabe (his wife went to her family) enjoyed a great meal cooked by wonderful mother in law.  We had the usual Turkey, and being I'm on a special diet she added more vegetables for me but I did splurge and ate some of broc/rice casserole and a slice of cherry cheese cake.  It didn’t take long and I was wore out so home was in order and I spent the rest of my day in bed resting and watching Hallmark.   Gabe and his dad took the afternoon/evening to spend some time together while I was given some needed time to lick my wounds as well. 

This was the first Thanksgiving that when I got home I didn’t get a text message from Momma Rosie where we chatted and ended with I Love You’s.  Instead, I cried some tears and sent my I Love You to her in heaven. 

I was sick most the evening from eating too much at one time.  Not thinking I usually break my food up into small portions at a time but as always on the holiday you eat till your stuffed and miserable.  Well due to health issues, I stay stuffed and this was no different.  I don’t make myself puke unless I truly can’t stand the pain any longer as puking is something I only do if it’s a have to!  I was able to take some med’s and endure it. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blessings & Thankful?

The past few days have been very dreary day filled with lots of clouds and looks as if it could snow!  Yes, I said that 4 letter word.  There hasn’t been any Sun for several days and that isn’t good as that means no Sun, No Solar!  No Solar means no electricity unless the generator is used to charge the batteries.  Not only has there been no sun, but it’s been windy & cold and later in the afternoon the rain came and it has even rained today. 

20161123 005We had the deer hanging in the shed to cool out so no heat could be used, so today was spent going to work on cutting & packing up & put away in the freezer for the winter.  Last year I didn’t get to help with the processing as I was horribly sick so as I was working inside my home on wheels and listening to worship music.  They were talking about blessings and being thankful.  It made me realize I am blessed and thankful that I’m well enough this year to help with putting food away for winter.  Sometimes I think we can take for granted the simple things in our lives and it’s not hard to stress over the negative things that we’d like changed but really is out of our hands.  I’m not sure if it’s because I'm getting older (I'm sure it’s not wiser) but I’m trying to take each day for what it offer and be thankful for what I have and not worry or stress out because of events or things I can not change. 


Anyone who has a dry roof, warm home and food on their table is blessed.  There are many in our own country and around the world who are not as blessed to have those luxuries.  In the Bible God says he promises his children to provide for our needs not our wants.    So as I celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with my mother in law and possibly our Youngest son Gabe and his wife Kelsey (never know about those 2) I will be thankful for all the great food, that I'm healthy enough to spend time with family and having a warm roof over my head.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

2nd Day of Deer Season

It was a windy night and we were all rocked to sleep but we stayed nice and warm and toasty.  I woke up to my happy hunters bringing me home some meat for winter which makes for a very happy Momma! 

20161123 001

Yes, years ago my hunters hunted for that big buck but luckily they’ve all been through that stage of trying to kill a nice trophy size to hang on the wall.  Now as they have matured (well somewhat) they hunt for meat to place on the table for the cold winter that is always around the corner.  My kids have been blessed as they never had to go hungry as a child.  Yes, it’s true it may have not always been what they desired to eat but they always had food to eat.  Growing up poor like I did and being 3rd from the youngest of 13 children in one household couldn’t be said the same. Some call me a hoarder and it’s probably true, but I'm not a hoarder like you see on TV where you can’t walk through my home due to trash.  I believe because I was raised so poor that I am what you call a frugal person?  I’ve been blessed throughout my adult life.  But there is always that place in my brain that has never forgotten what it’s like to not have things you need and so I guess I'm one who doesn’t like my pantry to be empty.  At times if my cabinets start to get so low I begin to panic.  Plus, I believe that living 25 years of my adult life so far out in the country that it also instilled that fear in me.  I can remember winters where we would be snowed in for several days so having little kids I always made sure I had everything I needed and extra’s always in the cabinets for that just in case.  I froze bread, milk you know the everyday things that most just run to the store and pick up when they need them.  We lived on a farm and I hated having to drive 50 miles round trip to the store just to get a few things, so when I went grocery shopping I stocked up for several weeks at a time.  People just don’t seem to do that anymore?  In fact being raised in town we didn’t either, many of times in the cold and snow I can remember the ole lady sending my brother or sister up town with me to get bread, milk or whatever was going to be cooked that day.  Food was in the pantry but most times a trip to the store everyday was normal.  Even living in town I find myself not doing that as I hated it.

20161123 002

Since it was a windy cold day, a nice size ham (purchased on sale) was placed in the oven to cook for dinner and also help heat up the inside.  The cold is not good on my body so an afternoon of laying in bed cuddled up with the fur balls.  I had planned to watch some Hallmark but my eye lids seemed to close for a nice nap.  A trip to town was also on the list while I closed my eye lids, fuel for the generator and a trip to the house to get the processing items, plus the furnace at the house had to be turned on and set on low to keep things from freezing.  Later some carrots, potatoes, celery & onions was tossed in the oven with the ham juices and a wonderful meal was done for the hungry crew.  The brownies Hailey and I made yesterday were finished off for a tasty desert.

Later in the evening it was time to curl back up in bed and Hallmark Christmas Movies were watched.  It may be cold outside but there is lots of Love and warmth inside my home on wheels. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Deer Season

051It was a fun night last night and making room for places to sleep is always fun esp when Grammy is a packrat and has things stored in every nook and cranny!  We managed and even though no deer was gotten this morning there is still hope for tonight! 

049It’s a windy, a bit on the chilly side but we took advantage of the temp being warm enough before the cold truly moves in.  YES, were talking some cold temps moving in and maybe even some rain.  I’m praying no rain as that means mud Sad smile 




Hailey took advantage of getting some 4 wheel riding in and yes she is a silly girl in shorts and a t-shirt!  I had my winter house coat wrapped around me!





Lacey is so cold natured and that is where she thinks she belongs, it doesn’t matter what, she likes to be inside whatever I'm wearing and staying warm by sucking my body heat! I truly believe she believes that is her pouch and where she belongs, she is my little kid and I'm her mother Kangaroo!



048Of course Sparky had to have some Hailey time as well as he loves being the center of attention and well let’s just say that whether you want his attention or not you get it .. LOL  As you can see he loves hair and special treats! He doesn’t know he is a goat but I truly believe he thinks he is a dog as that is all he has been raised around and he see’s them do something and he has to try it.  You gotta love him although at times you also want to wring his neck! It didn’t take long for the temps to start cooling down and before we knew it that time had arrived 035for the hunters to head out and see if they could bring in some meat.  No deer today Sad smile but hopefully tomorrow there will be meat to put in the freezer for the winter that is fast approaching.  It was a quiet night of Hallmark Christmas movies until the eye lids closed early due to being wore out through out the entire home.  While the wind bustled, we all remained snuggled in our nice warm beds dreaming of ….

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Windy Day

It’s a semi-cloud-sun peeking through day but the wind is blowing enough that the home on wheels is doing a bit of rocking.  Although the temps are pleasant and I was even able to open the door when I got up!  Of course I didn’t get up until 10.45 AM!  I had a really ruff night with knees hurting and the problem I have is laying to where my back is not screaming doesn’t fit with my knees!  I’ve put in some semi-miserable nights of sleeping and unfortunately there really isn’t much that can be done which infuriates me!

They tell me I have 3 problems going on within my knees and therefore it’s hard to treat, I have OA & Rheumatoid Arthritis and Nerve damage due to spinal injury/MS. Due to years of taking steroids for my back/MS issues my body has grown allergic to steroids and I’ve had a problem with anything Aspirin since I was a young kid just like Latex!  So that really limits my options and a side affect to treatments I received over the past few years for that dreaded word. Another complication I now have inflammation of the gastric and intestines areas that are causing weight gain, severe bloating, pain and incontinence issues and working to find a diet has been almost impossible as I'm finding more and more foods are not tolerable.  The worst part is because it’s a bacterial infection no type of injections are possible to help with the knee pain as becoming Septic is a huge risk the doctors are just not willing to take.  So the option is to try to treat the pain as best as possible and the worst part is learning to live with it!  I’ve been told this so much of my life that those words go through me like fire and my blood starts boiling instantly!  Because I took treatment for one health issue I have to suffer with another at time life sure can stink!  I have tried multiple diet alternatives and special herbs and all that is out there. 

I believe for me worse than the pain and trust me it’s horrific! Is that my independence is slowly slipping away from me.  I’m dependent on either a person or electric wheels at this point in my life and I will be honest it’s hard at times to realize and accept!!  There are some days I just don’t even want to get out of bed but I know I must and I think the fact that winter is close to approaching makes it worse because let’s face it being where it’s cold I do not have a choice but to spend most of it in bed as that is the only way I can keep the pain tolerable.  Sitting, standing, bending and many others make my symptoms worse.  Weight gain, severe bloating, fullness, swelling, pain, just pure misery.  Anyway, enough of me.

The day turned out to be beautiful even though the wind continued to blow.  Tomorrow is the first day of shotgun deer season and the youngest son stopped by to get things ready for the big weekend.  Deer season has always been a major holiday in the Walters household since well before I joined the family. 

What is fun about deer season is the family gathering and spending time together without all the hustle bustle of every day life as during this time nothing else in the world matters.  It’s our own little world at the time.  I’m even gonna get some Grammy time in with my precious jewel Princess Hailey!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Another beautiful Fall Day


I have been truly blessed enjoying these beautiful Fall days in my home on wheels!  The nights are cool and crisp & cool and the mornings are Nippy but the afternoon’s and sunset’s are absolutely stunning!


In the morning’s I wake up to nippy well let’s be honest, anything below 60 is freezing to me so cold mornings but with a few button hits of turning up the furnace it kicks on and warms up nicely.  I sit and enjoy looking out the window at the dew/frost on the ground while the sun is shining in and helping to warm up the inside all the while sipping on my morning coffee.  I enjoy my morning coffee while surfing Facebook to see what family & friends have been up to.  I have to be honest I sometimes spend more time than I should on Facebook and it’s a habit I'm trying to break. 

I need to spend more time doing my morning worship and bible study as I sometimes (more times than not) let Facebook take up too much of my time and before I know 1450it too much time has slipped away and it’s time for therapy and once I get done with that I'm hurting and wore out and ready for rest and a nap.  If the weather is warm enough and the sun is shining I spend several hours in the late afternoon outside on my deck enjoying mother nature and watching the fur balls enjoy playing.  1449

1448Sparky is a total pain in the butt at times but then there are times I don’t know what I'd do without him.  He is very protective and always there when I need help.  He has learned to stand between my legs when I go to transfer as I’m having horrible pain and buckling of my knees and legs holding me up so he is there to catch me when it happens. 

1447Some nights I even get to sit outside and enjoy looking at the stars & moon if the wind isn’t blowing or it’s not too cold for my body.  I’ve spent many beautiful nights sitting on my deck and just enjoying the stars.  I sit and remember how on hot nights we’d take a blanket outside to sleep and my sister and I would lay and look at the stars and we’d pick a star and make a wish upon a certain star.  Then we’d try to guess what each other wished for. Usually my night is getting my bath & tucked into bed as the pain from the day has done me in and it’s TV time or web surfing.  I think most of all even though I deal with life’s stress and health issues I need to remind myself that no matter if it’s a good or bad day taking the time to be grateful for God’s blessings is the mot important in life.  No matter what life throws my way, I am still blessed and appreciating life’s precious moments is what’s about. 

Bless You

Bless You