Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Traveling Today

We got up this morning it was raining and the weather channel and news was predicting freezing rain/sleet wintery mix all across LA where would be heading to Texas and Snow from Houston to Dallas which is the other way we are headed. So we decided to just sit out another day in our quiet but cold nest. We got permission to stay another day and so we paid and headed to town for some supplies.

Since we may be here another day tomorrow as the weather isn’t looking any better until Saturday we thought we should get some needed supplies we have been out of for a couple of days, for that just in case. Normally we don’t like to get many things before our home starts rolling. The less weight the better. A trip to Wal-mart was done for bottled water, milk, bread, peanut butter, potted meat, crackers, instant oats, potatoes, coffee, tea and sugar. The weather news is predicting some freezing rain/sleet after 6 pm here and a chance throughout the night for the Gulfport area.

We stopped and topped off the diesel tank and filled the gas can with gasoline for that just in case need of Mr. Genset. Mr. Genset was filled to his brim yesterday, so with that and 5 gallons of extra fuel that should run us a couple days if need be. The camp host says that it doesn’t take much for the power to go out here. So we thought we should be safe then sorry.

Let’s just say that shopping was no fun .. it was crazy! Trying to get out of the parking lot was not fun at all either. Everyone else must be doing what we are .. stocking up for the just in case. We noticed that most carts were filled with the similar items that we had as well.

Wow .. is it ever cold here … It’s 2:35 pm and the temperature is 37 degrees!

Tonight’s dinner was bread rolls and vegetable soup made from left over roast a few days ago. Doesn’t that sound good on a cold winter’s night?

My friend Heidi said it was in the 70’s in Florida .. Oh why didn’t we decide to head to Florida instead of Texas? Oh well, it wouldn’t of mattered cuz the cold would of went to Florida with us.

My friend nick posted on his blog yesterday that he was going to start charging his friends to stay away as the cold seems to follow him where ever he goes. That is a good thought because the past few years seems to be the same with me. Hmm any offers out there to pay me to stay away?