Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Holy Matrimony

Miami FL

We were lazy most of the day.  It was spent just resting and relaxing from our busy lives.  Then came the night i had been looking forward to.


All month long has been church services on Sex Ploration.  Well the big day has arrived for 24 couples.  YES, 24 couples are getting married at the same time in the same church!  You had to get special tickets to attend and YES, i got my ticket! 


Top picture (L-R) Dixie, Peggy, Dee, Bev, me, Margie and Jim  Bottom Picture Evia and Paul


Jim and Paul were the only 2 men who attended.  The rest of the guys went out to dinner together while we ladies attended the big event.


While waiting for the wedding to start this little gal stole our hearts.  She wanted to be passed around the RVer’s


That was until she got to me.  She laid her little head against mine and just stayed there.  I just enjoyed holding her as long as she wanted me to.  I love babies and NO, it doesn’t make me want another one!!


The wedding started a bit late as one of the guys tux was an 1 1/2 late!  Poor couple.  It was worth the wait and soon here came the 24 grooms anxiously waiting for their beautiful brides to come down the isle.  We had to watch them on the big screen come down the aisle as the church is so huge and it was packed.


It was interesting and i’m sure i will never be at another wedding like this again.  Each groom and bride said their names and repeated the same wedding vows, and then it was time for them all to kiss their brides.  It was nice to see but i have to be honest.  I think i would of preferred my own wedding as it really wasn’t on such a personal level as there were so many other bride and groom.


soon it was party time and time to celebrate.


They had finger foods and lemon aide for the guest while the happy couples got their pictures taken.  Making a toast to the happy couples.


The celebration started before the couples arrived and yes even the ladies i was with got in on the celebration and had some young men join them.  NO, i did not get on the dance floor, i took pictures for black mail at a later time :))


This little guy wanted in on the action and he soon joined everyone on the dance floor.  He was so adorable. 


Finally the guest of honors all arrived and it was time for us to end our night.  It was neat to see a huge wedding.  I came home and put on my comfy clothes and soon called it a night to remember.