Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Rainy Pajama Day

We woke to the sound of rain drops hitting our roof.  It wasn’t a bad rain to begin with and it was good sleeping.


and then it all broke loose and the heavy rains came and came.  My back is screaming and so it’s a day being spent cuddling up to the heating pads and a Pajama day! 

 12-16-12 A

It doesn’t help that the humidity is 97 percent!  Oh me Oh my i looked at AZ weather and it’s only in the low 50’s there today.  Miami Florida is 78 degrees!  Me O Me sure wishing we’d had went back to Florida!! Why didn’t i go to Florida? 


After the rain let up a bit i took some pictures .. at one time our rug out our front door was covered with water, now it’s just those annoying pine needles they call pine straw here! 


We have lake front property .. as you can see across the path Snuffy and Jean’s rig is gone


here is the lake across from where we are parked .. as you can see it’s still dreary and looks like it could rain again.


the road out our front door.  Today has been spent curled up and watching football with hubby!  YESSS no Hallmark .. I had seen all they were showing today, but later on tonight i will be watching it again.  So i was a good wifey and snuggled next to my hubby.  He fixed Hamburgers for dinner since I'm on strike and down in the back and it’s still drizzling rain so we are not leaving our comfy home.  Hubby is feeling a bit better, the medication we got him is starting to kick in.  Good thing or we’d be in a mess here with no one to cook for us since  our great friends left us all alone to fend for ourselves.  Did i call them great friends?  HMMMM …

Hope you all had a great Sunday.