Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shopping Day .. ughhh

We woke up to another beautiful day.  I did my usual morning routine and before you knew it my morning was gone.  Dinner tonight is a crock pot meal (my version of Hobo stew).  I thawed some precooked pork and broth out yesterday.  One thing I did manage to do this morning was get the broth going.  I added some onion, celery and carrots and let that cook for awhile .. later in the afternoon i added some chopped up potatoes, gravy mix and the meat (precooked) and let it finish simmering while we went to town to do some grocery shopping.   YESSS .. i did grocery shopping today .. the one type of shopping that i dread and hate doing!  We always spend wayyyy too much money and today was no different. 


First on the list we went to Mac’s fresh market and picked up some sale items .. pork chops for $1.49 a lb, hamburger $1.97 a lb, and several other items.  $25.16 poorer we left with our few bags of groceries.  We are finding that it’s the same as always .. the south seems to be higher then the north when it comes to food prices. 


next on the list was Kroger’s .. they had some nice sales going as well.  Lay’s potato chips (hubby’s favorite) 2/$4.00 and so we stocked up.  That’s the cheapest we’ve found them in awhile.  Celery .77 cents, cauliflower $1.99 .. $10.61 poorer we left and headed to Super 1 Foods … this is where we really racked up the bucks!  It’s my kind of store, it is very similar to a food giant or shop 4 less that i just love because they have great prices!  Some of today’s sales were … soda 4/$11, Turkey’s 50 cents per lb .. limit 2 (we purchased 2 even though we have one in the freezer already .. we love turkey and you can’t beat the price for meat) potatoes $2.98 for 15 lbs, mushroom soup .48 cents, canned veggies, .48 cents, and many more great sales.  Hubby says i went into my hoarding stage again.  Our cabinets were beginning to look 3/4 used and i have this fear that if my cabinets, freezer and frig are not overflowing with food, i freak out.  $81 poorer we headed home!  YES you read that correctly. In my defense, we had not done any grocery shopping since before we left Illinois and another thing ..  We have decided to have our own little Thanksgiving meal and the spend the day just the 2 of us.  Unless we change our minds before then. 


We came home and i had to find extra room to store our purchases.  I filled the freezer, refrigerator, cabinets, pantry and had to use another cabinet where our entertainment center is for the can goods overflow, plus i stored the extra chips and box things that needed to be in a tote in the basement outside.  I also have my stocked up pop stored in the basement :))  I took a few pictures to show you what my cabinets look like. Hey I'm ready for anything :)


Dinner was ready when we got home and it was a good thing as we were both exhausted.  Fighting traffic in Alexandria in the afternoon and before a holiday is torture!  After dinner the rest of the evening was spent just relaxing and enjoying a nice quiet evening at home with just the 2 of us.  Since arriving here until last night we haven’t had an evening of just us.  We’ve been enjoying friends and since their all away visiting family, were taking advantage of enjoying each other .. well some what .. hubby enjoyed his football last night but we’ve done some snuggling tonight :))