Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, March 19, 2012

on the road to Lake Okeechobee


Moore Haven, FL


I didn’t get up to early as i had another ruff night of sleeping with this ole back.  Hubby got up before i did but he let me sleep in.  I woke up around 7.30 AM and we slowly got things around.  I went over and visited with the ladies while hubby finished getting the last things ready to roll.


Around 9.30 AM hubby came and got me and we said our good byes and hit the road.  We took Miami Gardens to I-95, traffic wasn’t bad at all which is unusual in Miami. 


We exited off I-95 onto I-595 heading North.  It was a scenic view as i always enjoy seeing water.


We had to make sure that we hit our right exit other wise it would cost us $35 for the toll road and i do not like paying to drive on a road if i don’t have too.


It’s getting closer


there was the sign for our exit .. we took I-95 (I-595 turns back into it) and then we took US 27


More scenic route, we are getting close where we took the air boat ride


Yep, there it is


We passed lots of sugar cane and even passed a plant for Domino sugar .. pretty kewl


Wasn’t long we started seeing signs for Lake Okeechobee, it’s a huge lake


more signs but not our turn yet


Ouch look at gasoline and diesel prices!!


We came to a cute town by the name of Clewiston, were getting closer

028 029 

it’s been a beautiful day for a drive and so far things are going pretty good.  I took a couple pain pills about an half an hour before we hit the road and they have kicked in.  My back is aching but so far i am able to ride and I'm thankful we are only going 114 miles and we are almost there.


It’s the first time we have been on the road and our beloved LuLu wasn’t in the truck with us.  It felt weird this morning and usually the dogs are so excited and run to the truck and can’t wait to go.  Today we had to chase them down and put them in, they were not excited and Duke went back to the camper steps and wanted back inside, he wanted his LuLu to come.  Lucy always led the pack to the truck, she got them excited they were going to get to explore new places to sniff, pee and poop.  We hung Lucy’s collar in the rear view mirror so even though she wasn’t there in body she was in our hearts.  Finally i had to take her collar down and let Duke smell it for him to calm down and stop whimpering, it was like he was crying and saying we left LuLu. 


We wasn’t sure which way were suppose to go, our GPS said 78 and my computer program said 80 west, we took 80 west and went a way and i called the campground and yes we were going the correct way. 


We finally saw the sign Ortona Campground sign and arrived.  We checked in, got backed in and all setup in no time.  Here our home is nestled in.


Hubby even got the satellite dish setup.  I took a bit of rest as my back was aching.


After i woke up we took a small walk around where are parked, here is the lake


we got to see this sail boat go through the locks near our home


the locks closing


it’s absolutely beautiful here and i enjoy being around some water again.


the park is very well maintained


hubby looking for fish

057  059

several birds were out enjoying the beautiful day and the coolness of the water


Here is our beautiful campsite, we are in campsite 16, the lake is across from us


we have a nice gravel picnic area


this is our front yard nice and big


view out my living room window .. pretty cool huh?


I spent the afternoon lounging in my lounger reading a book.  I haven’t read much since we left Big Cypress.  Around 4 PM hubby dug out the grill and fired it up while i cut up some potatoes, onions, with butter and garlic and put them in foil and on the grill they went.  Later we put a few hamburgers and brats on the grill and it wasn’t long dinner was ready. MMM it was tasty!


After dinner we took another small walk but we had to come back home as my back started in again.  It was back home to lay in the lounger until it got too cool and dark and then i came in and now were relaxing and it isn’t going to be long and I'm going to be heading to bed.  It’s been another great day and our home is parked in new area and that is a good thing for me.