Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, October 27, 2016


The past few days I’ve been sick in bed.  I’m not sure if the new medication I've been taken has opened 083me up and made things start moving or if I have the Flu?  I’ve been weak, cold chills, tummy cramps and spent more time in the bathroom than anywhere else.  The problem is the same flu symptoms are what I can experience when this new med they put me on is working.  So for now only time will tell and I just know I feel horrible! 

Yesterday I did capture a picture of the rain moving across from the river.  It’s beautiful to watch the storms  move across the open field.  I love seeing the open fields, it gives me the feeling as if I'm in the dessert.  082

As far as you can look, it’s open field.  This summer it was all corn and beans, now it’s open and the best part is no one is around as far as the eye can see and I'm enjoying being away from the world around me.








The past few days it’s been cloudy which isn’t good for the solar power so running the generator a few hours a day is a must for the electrical needs.  I’m surprised how the trees haven’t really started turning colors yet.  They seem to be late this year?



this big cedar tree that sits over by the pitcher pump.  For the water needs it’s like back in the old days as you go out to the hand pitcher pump and pump water you need and carry it inside.  It’s really not been hard to adjust to this basic life style.  In fact I'm enjoying it.  I am truly enjoying living the simplicity and the best part is it’s free! 






Having the home on wheels here in no man’s land has been great and It truly feel like l’m living in the dessert of AZ on Quartzite.  I loved the time we spent there and I loved dry camping and the simplicity that went with it.  That is what life is like here now. 



During the summer months it was just too hot and so spending time here wasn’t possible and so it summer was spent in the stick home. 




this shoemaker doesn’t look like it in the picture but he had a beautiful bright red color and now it’s turning burnt red. 

It’s time to call it a night, as I'm still not feeling well and still sleeping lots. Wishing you all a great week!