Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Appreciation lunch

Today was an appreciation lunch for the volunteers. Several are leaving tomorrow. We went to Sam’s and it was so delicious and their black berry cobbler was amazing. Lots of great fellowship.

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 009

Harry and Martha do a tremendous job in running the home. It’s amazing all they do. If they were to leave it would take 4 qualified people to do the job that these 2 do together. They are a wonderful blessing to hundreds.


Jeb and Vanessa, Jeb is the maintenance supervisor and he is such an awesome person. His heart is in this home. His wife Vanessa is such a loving person. Jeb is a blessing to the home.

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 008

Paul and Annetta are volunteers year round and have been at the home for 6 1/2 years. What a dedication. They are such dear friends of ours and their both amazing witnesses for our Lord and Savior. The home is blessed to have such dedicated volunteers. We are honored to call them family.

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 002-1

Here is the gang as we gathered for a group picture before our lunch.

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 010

Loading back up on the bus after our lunch.

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 012

This is Mrs. Mary and her birthday is this weekend and Carol (Benny’s better half) got her a gift. Mrs. Mary is a wonderful cook and she runs the kitchen. God gives her so much strength to feed and clean up after all she does at the home. She is a wonderful blessing to the home and a very dedicated worker. I have never seen this lady without a smile and she is always in a cheerful mood.

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 013

I love these 2 pictures. The guys being dedicated by helping Mrs. Mary in the kitchen. Who would imagine that 2 welders would work together at this job as well.

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 014

Of course as you can see they needed a supervisor and Dorothy did as good as she could keeping these 2 in line. As you can see Benny is just as much of a ummm .. maybe i better not say it. I will just say Benny and Lenny were 2 of kind and Benny will be missed so much!!

Tonight was game night and it was a wonderful night for fellowship. Although i had a bit of guilt as i had prayed for Bud and Pam not to leave until in the morning. They decided to get on the road after our lunch and broke down at the entrance. They had some type of wiring problem with their toad. They ended up coming back and they made it to game night after all. I was happy they did but i felt so bad they had trouble.

It was a wonderful day and tomorrow is going to be such a sad time when dear friends leave to go home.