Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Land dispute!

Here at the campground there has been a bit of land dispute going on and it’s been effecting our dear friend Wanda.


It was decided that some of her concrete patio was on someone else’s property so it had to be cut off and that meant that her camper had to be pulled off so the big slab of concrete could be removed.  Hubby used his truck and the wonderful workers here at LWCC assisted in all the packing up and putting backk


Well these pictures show the guys thinking about working??


Lots of thought thinking going on before the actual work began?


the work finally began and it didn’t take them long and all was removed and Wanda’s camper pulled out and the big machine was brought in.


of course Wanda, Hailey and I were there to supervise and make sure it was done right


wow this big machine sure is powerful .. didn’t take it long and that huge, heavy big slab of concrete was soon to be no more!



there it goes and before long it was time to move it all back


just another day in RV Park.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Volunteers having fun!

We have been some fun this summer here at LWCC

20130720_111648 A

Others are hiding .. hmmm I wander if there may be awards out for them???


Enjoying meal time is a great way to stuff our faces and get in some great gossiping!



wives playing tricks on their husbands and …


husbands toasting their wives


break time is another favorite time 20130722_09531020130722_10000620130722_100033

Then we have the flyswatter lady who is always chasing flies and people!!


Just another fun filled day here at LWCC

Friday, July 19, 2013

Wow it’s a Hot one!

Were still at our home on wheels that is parked at the lake.  It’s been one hot week with the temps in the 90’s and the humidity steaming!  Today is unbearable outside.  Even for me who enjoys sitting outside basking in the warmth! 


Although I’m not complaining as I prefer the heat over the cold!  Although I do not like being confined to the AC in our nice and cool home.  I prefer being outside lounging in my chair and reading a good romance book.  Speaking of which I have been on a roll again this week.  I have read 2 books since Monday and I’m starting my 3rd!  I have read about 8 books in the past month and half and last winter I didn’t even get one full book read!  Hmmm .. yep .. I’m enjoying rest and relaxation whenever I can.

It’s looking to be a relaxing weekend with no grand kids and I plan to enjoy it by being lazy and doing nothing but reading a good book.  Hope your all have a great weekend where ever you may be.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Gabey Baby!!

Wow, today my baby boy turned 26!!  Hard to believe how fast they grow up!!  Gabe went on a float trip this weekend.  Wishing you a great day .. mom and dad love you!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Uh Oh Those Men!!

Yesterday I witnessed some fellow volunteers violating the rules and regulations at the Lake.  Of course being the upstanding citizen that I am and being as I’m an assistant to the camp host here at the campus it was my duty to report them. 


Officer Suzie Frank posing with her 2 summons. 


Dean Faulk of the RV ministry was serviced with notice of being an accessory to several violations and penalties.  Shame on you Mr. Faulk .. you are here on campus serving the Lord and violating rules ..what are you teaching these young impressable children?? 


Cliff (aka .. Junior) Smith was the driver and culprit of it all .. of course this is not his first offense as a RV Volunteer.  Several years ago Mr. Smith was tried and convicted of harassing a disabled woman.   Shame Shame on you Cliff to make Dean and accessory to your criminal life!!


Officer Suzie Frank had to strangle these men to make them behave!  Of course later that evening the RV ladies took on the RV men in 3 games of Pegs and Jokers and of course the ladies came out the winners!  2-1!  Way to go ladies. 

Were having a great time here at the lake with all of our friends.  It’s hard to believe how fast summer is going on by.  The weather has been great and the temps have warmed up nicely that sitting outside in the evenings and enjoying great friendships have been great.  Of course several of our group have been MIA and you know who you are !!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday .. NO NO .. I’m not telling you my age .. just know that I’m now on the up hill climb to the big 50! 

We spent a wonderful weekend at my dad’s house and it is always great spending time there.  On Tuesday we returned to our home on wheels and I loved being back home yet there are so many mixed emotions for me.  I’m not sure if it’s all the stress and turmoil we have endured the past year and half!!  Although I love being at my dad’s home, I am not sure it will ever be home to me.  When I’m at my dad’s house I can feel my dad so close to me and I love being there .. BUT .. and here comes the big but!  I miss my home on wheels.  I’m not sure that I will ever feel that a stick house will be home ever again.  For me there is just something about my home on wheels.  I miss it when I’m away from it and I’m so excited to always return to my home on wheels.  It’s where my mind and soul enjoys being.  Even though right now we are staying in one spot, it’s still home!

I guess only time will tell what lies ahead for our lives and where home will be. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!


I know I’m posting this late but they always say better late then never! 


We spent the weekend at the Lake in our home on wheels and Tuesday we spent the night at my dad’s place and then we drove back to the lake on Wednesday night for the fire works.  Hubby had given his word to help with them and so I enjoyed watching them.  The next day we loaded up and headed back to dad’s house to celebrate the 4th of July with family. 


(Tyson with his daughter Hailey)

Since the custody battle and divorce has finally been settled it was our son’s holiday to have the kids.  We went to my sister (Patty’s) for a BBQ and pool party.


as you can see the big kids were having just as much fun as the little kids!


Tyson and Hailey won in the game of pool chicken .. way to go team Walters!!


Since our lil man Toby hasn’t yet gotten his water cast he had to spend time with Papa playing other games.  Although ….


after several of the kids got out of the pool as the food was almost ready .. Grammy grabbed Toby and pulled him clothes and all in the pool and I held his arm up .. he loved it!  Since we didn’t bring his swimming clothes Grammy had to find a pair of trunks to fit him and throw his clothes in the dryer.  (Thanks sis)


After a great meal it was time to swim again and then Toby wanted to get back in the pool again once all the other kids were out so of course Grammy once again took him for a swim .. It just wasn’t fair that Grammy’s lil man had to sit out on a beautiful day to enjoy the fresh cool water!!


Even though it wasn’t dark it was time to get out the sparklers and let the kids enjoy them.  Papa got the honor of being in control of lighting them. 


good thing our son Tyson thought to get all they had .. they were a big hit with even the itty bitty kids!


before we knew it … the time had come to take the kids to their mom as it was her weekend to have the kids.  Once we dropped the kids off it was time to head back to White Hall to watch the fire works and then head to dad’s to get some rest.  We had a great day and it’s always fun enjoying family!  Thanks sis .. it was a blast!