Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter 2013

We enjoyed our first Easter meal at my dad’s house.  It was just us and our 2 boys this year.  It’s been a long time since it’s been just the 4 of us for a holiday dinner.  It was great.  I broke the tradition and made the boys favorite .. chili

Easter 2013 1

After a beautiful day it was time to pick up the grand kids so they could spend the night with Grammy and Papa at the camper.  


Wishing you all a blessed day and may you take a moment to thank Jesus Christ our Savior for all he endured for us.  Thank you Jesus .. I love you for all you sacrificed for me and the world.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break with the Grand kids

Tuesday I headed to watch the kids and Hailey came home with me and on Wednesday Toby joined his sister after his doctor appointment.  He got a shorter cast put on his arm. 


Hailey showing off her Easter outfit


Hailey and I had ladies night out and we went to DQ for dinner.  Just her and Grammy and we had a blast.


She enjoyed showing Grammy all the fun stuff in the play room


While Toby and Papa had fun at the camper


while Hailey and Grammy went swimming in the indoor pool


wore out Grand kids and grandparents too


On Saturday we headed to Jerseyville for the Easter Egg hunt.  Although the kids were disappointed because of the snow storm the week before it was canceled do to the field being to muddy.


it was back to the house to find that the Easter Bunny left some good things at their dad’s place


our cute little bunnies …


they got bubbles too and the kids didn’t find it too cold to play .. although grammy and papa did!


before we knew 4 days flew by and it was time for the kids to go home with their mom.  We had a great time but now Papa and Grammy need some R & R time

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mother Nature blasting the North!

Yesterday was the calm before the storm .. this morning the snow started coming down


and it just kept on coming down


and coming down .. the wind is blowing and it’s a white out .. hmm


Mother nature seems to have forgotten that it’s spring!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flu Bug!

I have had the flu bug all week long!  I thought on Wednesday I was feeling better but that afternoon it came back with a vengeance.  Finally on Friday I woke up feeling better and I think it’s safe to say I have gotten rid of that pesky bug!  Hubby on the hand came down with it Friday morning and so it’s looking to be another ruff week around here.

Since I had been sick all week long and hubby I now down with it we had to cancel getting the grand kids.  Their spending the weekend with their dad at the house and were staying in the camper.

Today temps were in the 50’s!  It felt like a heat wave and even enjoyed a bit of time out in the sunshine!  Of course it’s the calm before the storm as they are predicting a winter storm warning where we could get up to as much as 8-10 inches of snow!

That ground hog flat out lied!  I guess one thing about cold temps .. it’s make a day like today feel good.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 years ago Today the passing of a loved one and Diagnosed with Autism

5 years ago today my beloved mother passed away.  It’s amazing how time flies .. Mom even though your no longer here with us on earth you are still in our hearts.  We love you and miss you everyday.  May you be resting in peace and enjoying your loved ones up there.  Love you and miss mom. 

On Friday we received the word that our grandson Toby does in fact have Autism.  It was no shock to the family as it has been suspected for some time.  Toby has been diagnosed to be moderately.  So Monday night my ex daughter in law to be and his daddy and I went to a meeting in Springfield where they teach you about how to deal with the children with special needs.  Papa stayed home with the kids and had fun babysitting.

Of course we are thankful that it could be much worse.  We have been dealing with Toby’s special needs since he came into this world and so there really isn’t any difference to us.  We love him and will continue to deal with his needs.  I think his mother wanted the diagnoses so that the school would deal with him in a better way.  Their all about the paper work. 

I managed to struggle through the meeting as I knew I was coming down with something.  I started running a fever and aching all over in the midst of the meeting.  Once we got out to the car I took some Tylenol to help with the fever and aching. Once we got home it got worse and so I went to bed. 

I woke up during the night and you can guess what happened …. YEP .. it started coming out both ends .. them little grands gave me their flu they had last week!

Of course it’s still cold outside and even though the sun is shining the wind is blowing and even though tomorrow is the first day of spring and of course it’s only going to be around 35 degrees!  Ughhh I’m so ready for warmth and able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. 

Hope you are all having a great day! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spending time with the grandkids!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  It’s been a busy week, mostly spending it with the grand kids.  Wednesday both kids were home from school sick and so Grammy and Papa took care of them.  Thursday was a day of running and doing some errands and legal things.


Friday was nice it was 60’s degrees but I didn’t really get to enjoy it as I watched Toby Friday morning and took him to school after lunch and then at 3.30 PM  We had a great weekend spending it with the grand kids.


We picked the kids up after school on Friday.  Friday night Hailey and I went swimming while Papa and Toby stayed home to play.  Toby still has his cast so no swimming for him for awhile.  We played and then it was time to pull the bed out and get ready for bed .. well they played a bit more Wii before we finally shut it off to lay down


Hailey texting on her phone .. and Toby helping Papa take a nap .. hmmm


I think there was more play then napping .. lol


Sunday late afternoon their dad came to take them home .. of course daddy stopped to see them after work on Friday and Saturday .. After the grand kids left it started snowing again. 


We’ve had snow flakes off and on all day but luckily so far nothing has been sticking.


I picked up both kids for a the weekend.  It’s been cold here and spring doesn’t seem to be anywhere near .. Easter is in a few weeks and it’s looking to be a cold Easter this year.


Life has been very busy for us since our return and I’m sure that Spring and Summer will be just as busy.  Hope you having a great day where ever you are.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Enjoying the grandkids

We headed to the stick home on Friday morning and spent a bit of time working on it.  It’s coming along very slowly due to my health right now. 


We spent Sat/Sun enjoying our grandkids.  This time grandma stayed awake.  We had a great time and they seem to enjoy staying in our new place.  Toby is sporting a orange cast from his broken arm and were praying another surgery will not be necessary.


Hailey laying on our bed enjoying her Ds while watching TV .. we had a great time with our precious babies and after they went home we left to go back to the camper for some much needed R & R. 

As I have mentioned before our traveling days are being put on hold until further notice.  We are staying put to help get things straightened out with family.  I hope you continue to stop by once in awhile as I will try to post now and again although I know not traveling the blog seems to get boring.

I have not been feeling well and not only with the neck, shoulder and back, but also with my MS.  I’m just exhausted and sleep is what I want to do all the time.  My sister is doing better and thanks for all the prayers.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Moving slowly

Well I’m still down with my neck and shoulder pain.  I have gotten medication and am on rest only.  We do not have everything done cleaning out the stick home that is now going to be our home.  We are slowly making our way moving into my dad’s home until further notice.  So the task of cleaning out and moving stuff in is going slowly due to my health issues.

The weather has been cold but you all know that esp since I’ve returned.  We did get to see the grand kids on Monday but I was sick and medicated that I slept most of the time they were there.  Which is not like me at all.  I think exhaustion and the fact of all the medication I have been taking for my pain level got the best of me.

My sister had a light stroke today and is in the hospital so if you would pray for her, I’d appreciate it.  Please continue to pray for my family and all the issues we have going on right now.

My brother loaned me a old car he had and hubby has been working on getting it going .. so now I have wheels to drive that isn’t such a beast.  Some point and time we need to get us a car but for now my brother’s will do fine.

Hope your all staying warm where ever you are .. it’s pretty chilly here in Illinois.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

We’ve Returned to Illinois

Due to some unexpected family issues we have returned to Illinois.  Our home on wheels is going to be grounded until further notice.  We made a fast trip from Ajo, Az to Carlinville, Il.  The last 800 miles we limped our home on wheels back home with a bent axle and you couldn’t put a piece of paper between the wheels.  God protected and guided us home safely.


When return to below freezing temps reaching in the low double digits and hubby went to winterized our truck as it’s never been in these extreme temps to find oil in our coolant.  Our truck had to be towed off to the truck hospital.


After several thousand dollars repair it returned home to 2 days having to be taken back as the digital dash board stopped working.  With that fixed again on Friday our truck became sick again to a bad glow plug and had to be taken back to the truck hospital .. several hundreds dollars later we have it back and we are praying it’s the last of any more major repairs as right now we have much more coming out as we have coming in.


We got our home settled in and winterized for the extreme freezing temps and we made it through our first real test of living in our home with horrible cold temps.  We are nice and warm and all cozy inside to have this the next day.


Yep, Illinois hasn’t experienced much of this but now that we are home .. Look out!!  The poor rental car is buried.


I took these pictures from the door way as I’m not getting out in this weather and of course we’ve had snow several days since we’ve returned home.  Our traveling days have been put on hold until further notice due to some family issues.  Family comes first and so right now our priority is getting our family through the storm we are enduring at this time.


after one snow storm it wasn’t enough that we get another one


Roo isn’t sure she likes the snow or yet or not.  She plays a bit and then is ready to return to the warmth of her home.


I’m still experiencing neck, shoulder pain radiating in my upper back and causing me headaches and going down my left arm, plus I’m having low back pain due to the climate.  Our truck got to experience snow as well. 


Please pray for our family that God gives us strength, health, guideness and protection to fight this battle ahead of us. I will try blog when I can but right now we are in the process of trying to put together a home in a stick/brick home.