Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Trying to relax

Today would have been my father in law birthday.  He was a wonderful man and he is deeply missed.  Our oldest son carries his name in his middle name.  Hubby has thought of his dad often today and still misses him very much.  We miss you so much and know that you are in heaven with no more pain and suffering.

Well after a very cold night of sleep.  Hubby got up and hooked things back up and got some heat going before i even attempted to get out of bed.  Hey, i wasn’t the only one who didn’t get up until he got us some heat .. the dogs wouldn’t even poke their heads out from under the covers when hubby yelled for them to go potty. 

Once he got our home warmed up using our furnace and a electric heater.  I got up and before i knew it he was growling for me to get some clothes on so we could run over to Lowe’s to get the needed supplies.  Hmm last night he was growling i would have to call and have someone come fix it.  He made some calls this morning and found out that there is no one in the area that can come to us .. we have to pack up and go to them .. guess he decided he would try fixing it first instead of packing up.
Wow, wiring is expensive! 

After our trip to Lowe’s hubby went to work on replacing the wiring and then the GFI receptacle.  Come to find out when hubby went to work the lug nuts were very loose on the one wire that was the culprit of starting this mess. Were praying this was part of the cause and we will not have to have a new convertor box .. were talking some bucks if we do.

Once that was all done and we tested things out and they seem to be working okay and there is no sparks at all now.  Hubby says we will have to keep a very close eye on things and until we know for sure were on conserve electrical mode.  He told me that means i can not run a electric heater and a electric appliance at the same time.  I will have to bit the bullet us our propane furnace when I'm cooking. 

Later in the afternoon we needed to just get away, hubby needed to escape today being his dad birthday and my nerves were in an up roar with all the excitement.  So we took a trip to Gulfport to visit our friend Steve.  Of course i insisted we take the dogs with us as i was still concerned of fire.  Hubby grumbled but he knew there was no need to argue as i was still not sure about a fire wouldn’t break out and he knew i was not leaving my babies.

We met Steve at Island View Casino for dinner.  I was in no mood to cook.  (I think my cooking 3 days in a row caused our horror .. think I'm being reminded that I'm retired and have stopped cooking? or i have to use propane to heat with if i cook?)  Oh those both sound like good excuses. 

While we ate and visited with Steve we left the dogs in truck nestled in their blankets. We heated the truck up pretty good before we left them in there.  It actually wasn’t bad outside, a bit on the cool side.  Steve left after dinner as the retirement home was having a dance and he loves to dance.  Hubby went out and check on the dogs to make sure they were not getting cold. We decided we needed something to take our minds off the past few days.  What better way then pressing a button on a slot machine.    Hubby won 30 dollars at the view and so since the dogs were sleeping so good and I needed a drink .. man they salt the food at those places.  We decided to stop by Hard Rock Casino and walk around.  We decided to play a bit and hubby hit another 50 bucks of course we couldn't go home just yet .. Yes you got it we played another machine and hubby hit it for $40 .. I only had a hit for  $5 which isn't bad for a penny machine:)  I decided to stick with the penny machine tonight after the past few days i've had .. i played 5 cents at time .. i used $2 to make $5 and cashed out with $7 .. not bad huh?  Hubby played the quarter machine 1 quarter at time ahd his total win after deducting our meals for the night was $80!  Not bad huh?  We ended up with free meals and more money then we left home with.   The entire time we were playing i wasn't worrying about our home and he wasn't thinking of his dad.  Yep, Casino's can do that .. of course if you do not have money to lose then you shouldn't go to one because they will take it and not even say thank you. 

We got home around 10 PM and i was praying that our home was just like it was when we left it.  I was thrilled to see it was and now came the big step of sleeping in it with everything on.  Hubby and the dogs had no trouble at all going to sleep.  Me on the other hand .. I had trouble getting to sleep as my mind would not shut off so finally around 12.30 AM, I took a sleeping pill and by around 1.30 AM i was asleep.  Of course we purchased a fire alarm that sits on the sink right above the convertor box for that just in case.