Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We woke up to another beautiful morning.  We actually got to moving a bit earlier this morning as we had several things to do on our list.  Here is a picture of where we are nestled in for a short stay.  I really like this corner spot as we do not have anyone in front of us.  I can walk the dogs across the road and they get to potty in the woods.


First on our list was to go pay for another 3 days as we’ve got some moving to do and decided we’d stay here while doing it. 


The picture above is of the ranger station.  They are so nice here.  This is quiet little park and we’ve really enjoyed our few days here so far.


The top picture is of the area for smaller campers, the bottom picture is for the bigger rigs like us and it makes a loop.  We love being in the woods although so far no satellite for hubby.


After taking Lexi for her morning walk, it was time to head to Biloxi to meet Steve for lunch and do a few errands.


Once we got finished with Steve we knew today would be our only time to go check out where we may be heading on Saturday.  So we headed over to Pascagoula, MS .


  054  056

another big bridge … i don’t mind going over these bridges they are not too big.

 057 058

059 060 061

We sure was glad we did some checking before hauling our rig over as the directions we got were not big rig friendly!  We finally found the place and had to do a circle and then we stopped to see where the hookups were.  Hmmm this is going to be fun.

 062   065

On our way there we didn’t hit much traffic but on our way back we sure did.  The shipyards let out and man on man there was lots of traffic.


We got home in time to take Lexi on an afternoon walk before dark arrived.  I forgot my camera but we walked back to the primitive and picnic area and it’s very nice.  I am not sure i will have time to go back and get pictures this round.


If not i will get them when we come back right before Christmas.  We are planning to return before Christmas and spend Christmas here. 

We got back from our walk and it was time to get some dinner together.  I had chips & salsa (my mother in law made the salsa for me) and it was sooo good!  Hubby had left over baked potato and pork steak with gravy.

We are spending our evening relaxing and just enjoying a quiet evening together.  We are both exhausted from another busy day and the next few days are going to be even more busy. 

To the Beach

We started off to a lazy start.  We woke to a beautiful morning.  The sun is shining and it feels good to have my blinds up and let the warmth in.

021 022

Hubby fiddled with the satellite dish but couldn’t find a signal .. were not sure if it’s the area or if something happened to our receive in the travel.  While traveling down 49 in Mississippi, the beginning of the road is pretty ruff and we did lots of bouncing causing my printer to fall off and several things got misplaced including our receiver.  It just slide forward thanks to the cords holding it in place. 

023 024

Around 1 PM we decided to head to the beach.  As you can see in the pictures.  The road coming out of where we are is winding at times and a beautiful drive.  It’s about 1.5 miles from the highway.

025 026

027  029 

We spent several hours just relaxing and wondering around the beach.  It appears to be low tide or the Gulf is going dry.

031   034

This family was having fun feeding the birds bread and as you can see the birds were enjoying being feed. 

035   038

This Crane had something in his mouth but we couldn’t get close enough to tell exactly what he had.

039 040

We had fun writing in the sand on the beach.  My honey wrote me love notes :))  I love you too honey!  It’s a beautiful day.  We had to wear long sleeves but no coat or jacket.  I prefer it a bit warmer but I'm so happy to see the sun and feel it’s warmth.

041 002

The traffic has gotten worse since we were here almost a year ago.  After spending a wonderful afternoon at the beach we needed to make a Wal-mart run as we were out of milk, bread and chips.

006 007

The campground is marked really well and i love it when we have good road signs. 

008 019

As you can see the sun was going down when we pulled in and we were starving.  I had put some pork steaks with gravy mix in the crock pot to cook while we were gone.  So all hubby had to do was throw us a couple of baked potatoes in the micro and dinner was done.  We spent the rest of the evening resting as we were both exhausted.  It was an early night to bed as my back and legs were hurting from too much fun. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

We arrived and so has the cold!

Davis Bayou, Ocean Springs, MS

We were back on the road by 8.45 AM.  We woke to misting rain and heavier rain at times but nothing we couldn’t handle.  We traveled 227 miles today and have reached our destination for a few days.  (This is the only picture that i took yesterday).
When we arrived there were several spots available and it wasn’t long they were filling up.  Looks like all the northerners have arrived and brought their cold with them :((

I had a mishap again today with the slides .. grrr .. remember my new printer?  Well i didn’t check and it fell off and i crushed it with the slide :((   Needless to say it wasn’t a good time to be here and i was ready to give away our 5th wheel and it’s slides.  Of course it wasn’t my fault, hubby drove to fast and shook everything out of place, if he would drive right I  wouldn’t  crush things. (sounds good to me :)  It’s official i am no longer allowed to touch the slide outs anymore.

Once that mishap was over and we got the printer out of the slide out, there was no damage to the slide out just the printer.  We finished getting setup and i decided to call my friend Steve and let him know we were in town.

Well prefect timing as Steve had tried to call me earlier in the week to let me know he was getting a new phone number.  He told me to call him back later on his new phone.  Well later came and i tried calling but the new phone wasn’t working and the old number was done cut off.  Guess you can imagine what we did next?  Yep we drove over to his place to check on him. 

He said he tried to get the new phone to work and it wouldn’t and forgot to ask where we was as we never stay at the same place :))  He hadn’t charged the new phone and it was dead so i got it going for him and then he told us .. God sent you just in time, believe it or not my friend Steve was actually glad to see me .. well okay if you insist, he was glad to see hubby :)  Steve had tried calling to let us know he needed our help.  He finally is getting to move into the VA Retirement home in Biloxi and so Wed – Sat we will be spending our days packing moving and cleaning to get  him moved to his new place.  Of course he has some Mr. Fix it projects as well for hubby that will start on Tuesday.   So now our plans have changed from moving to a new place on Wednesday to staying here at least until Sunday or Monday.  Well that is if they will let me stay :))

After leaving Steve’s place we headed to Wendy’s for some quick sandwiches as neither of us felt like stopping to eat in anywhere.  Were both are tired from 2 days of traveling.  I’m looking forward to upper 60’s in a few days as I'm so tired of the cold.  My bones and body have been cold since before leaving Illinois and I haven’t warmed up yet.  Come on sunshine and warmth .. I'm waiting for you to get here.  I didn’t get any pictures of our campsite but will try to tomorrow if it warms up so i can go outside.

It’s time for this aching and tired gal to hit the hay .. good night everyone

Sunday, November 27, 2011

On the Road Again!

Hubby was up early and had me out of bed at 7 AM!  By 8.09 AM we were on the road heading south!  It’s a wet, cold morning .. temps were 37 degrees when we pull out. 

001 002

Were almost in Missouri once we cross the bridge.


Welcome to Missouri, we stopped for fuel in Perryville .. diesel was $3.69 .. 30 cents a gallon cheaper then Illinois .. Yeppi


We run into a bit of rain, we were happy it was just a drizzle and nothing heavy

  008    010

traffic isn’t bad on South bound on I – 55 but north bound is pretty heavy .. cops are out everywhere

012  014 

Welcome to Arkansas, our 3rd state in one day.


As you can see the rain cleared up a bit and we only hit spots of drizzle or sprinkle


Tennessee is close approaching .. here we go across the bridge that puts us in Memphis

 017 018  

As you can see we hit rain again as we approached Tennessee.

021 022 

Welcome to Tennessee our 4th state of the day … hmmm i feel Graceland calling

024 025

It’s too cold to visit Graceland, now if we had been in our old car it would have automatically went to Elvis Presley Blvd .. hehe


Welcome to Mississippi our 5th state in one day .. WOW

 027 028

I love this welcome center in Mississippi .. i was thrilled to see they still had their fall decorations up as almost everyone else has Christmas already.  I love Fall colors and decorations and i feel that it gets cut short due to Christmas.  I love Christmas decorations and Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year due to it’s Jesus Christ birthday.  but, i do enjoy fall as well.

029 030 031

Here we are parked in the visitor center .. it’s drizzling rain and only 42 degrees!

034 036

we couldn’t even get the dogs to budge on going potty.  We asked if anyone needed to go and not one head raised to go .. hmmm

037   040 

As you can see we ran into more rain in Mississippi

  035 046 

It’s been a long day and I finally told hubby we had to stop for the night .. between all the riding, cold and rain my legs and feet were going numb, muscle spasms were getting worse and my behind was stinging and burning.  I know my body and it’s telling me time to head to bed!  So we found a Pilot in Canton, MS and found the only spot left.  Hubby got us backed in, turned on the generator and went and got us a bite to eat for dinner.  After 531 miles we finally chillin, hubby is watching Pittsburg and KC football game and I’m laying in bed. 

Life is so great .. I love having my home where ever i go.  When i get to feeling bad we can stop at any time and i can go to bed until i feel better.  The dogs are all nestled in for the night.  There is one other RV parked behind us.