Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the road heading to Georgia


We were up and on the road at 8 AM  .. we stopped shortly at Pilot’s to fuel up .. Ouch with our 3 cents cash discount and our Pilots card diesel was $3.21 a gallon!  We may need a loan to get home at these prices.


016 017

the dogs all chilling out going down the road

018 019    023

lots of traffic on the North bound .. several RV’s on the road .. i think the snow birds are all moving North

025  030 032   

We have arrived in Georgia!  This is the first time i have been in Georgia .. Yeppie i get to add another state to my list finally ..it’s been too long since I've been to a new state!!

036 037 

very nice welcome center and the dogs were happy to get a potty break and stretch their legs .. so was i :))

 039   045043 044 

Oh my the rolling hills .. am i in Arkansas?

048 049

beautiful area and we are making really good time .. don’t think we will be staying in a truck stop or at Wal-mart after all

053 054

getting closer were on I-185

055 056  058  060 061

We arrived at West Point, Ga around 4.30 PM and i called ahead to see if they had an opening in the park we have reservations at tomorrow and they did


we got checked in and got lucky our site is open so we won’t have to move tomorrow after all .. Yeppie .. we had to dump the tanks from our last stop (no sewer there) and we saw these turkeys one was a gobbler and he was strutting his stuff.


We got nestled in and did the basic setup for tonight and we were starving so i got dinner on the grill. 


grilled Pork Steaks and baked tators .. yummy .. we still had some day light left so we took a small walk after dinner


the dog woods are in bloom .. i just love em


We walked down to the lake .. we are not right on the lake but around the corner from it


the lake looks a bit on the dry side as the lakes were in Florida


We came home and called it a night .. were both exhausted from a long day of travel.  Were glad we bit the bullet and drove the extra to get here as we can now chill out and just relax for the next 6 days!