Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It’s finally warmer

It was a bit of a ruff night for hubby and therefore it was for me too. He suffered with a migraine headache all day and night long. Well i guess you can imagine what happened this morning ….

Yep .. around 7.30 am i came out my sleep to a tumping noise and then the sound of hubby hurling. Apparently he had gotten up and was trying to get upstairs to the bathroom. He is like an explosion when he vomits it goes everywhere!

After he finished i got up and cleaned up the mess. It’s not a pretty site and nothing is spared. Since i was awake i decided I might as well stay up. Needless to say the dogs were not happy to have to get up that early. In fact Lucy didn’t get up .. she is still in bed.

One good thing is i awoke to a somewhat warm morning compared to the past several days. weather bug

The dogs were even happy when i put them out to go potty. Not sure what my day is going to consist of. I’m planning to at least get outside this afternoon and enjoy the warmth and sunshine!

The temps warmed up enough for me to venture outside and take pictures of the project progress.

Not sure what this is but it sure is big and can move lots of heavy things. Randall is driving it.


It’s really looking good and the roof has all the sheeting and almost all the felt stuff that will prevent leakage until the final part of the roof is done.


The upstairs room now has the door and windows framed in.


This is Jarrod he is one of the youth from church who is helping work on the project.


Not sure if this is an argument or a thinking session.


I spent my afternoon soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the warmer temps.

Tonight was our weekly potluck dinner in the church fellowship hall. As always it was a wonderful meal and church service was awesome.