Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meeting another Blogger

Wow, the weather sure has turned around.  We woke to the sun shining and temps making it a very nice day! 


First on the list was to attend the Stealth and boon docking  seminar at the RTR.  I learned some things and enjoyed it.  I returned home and we got ready to head to town and do some more exploring.  We found a Ding and Dent Groceries but I personally thought their prices were too high for damaged items. 


We explored a area of Quartzsite that wasn’t very good and it was mostly junk to us.  But it’s a great day to be outside enjoying a beautiful day.  Even this guy way enjoying the sunshine .. We have seen several of these flying over us.  But this one was close enough for me to get a picture.


We stayed away from Kuehn St and I-10 as the big tent show started today and the traffic and people are insane!  We had been warned ahead of time that it would be a rat race with the opening of the tent. 


I have been following Brian’s blog for sometime and we finally are in the same area.  So I made plans to meet him.  We met at his rig and had a great time chatting.  Brian is a great blogger, writer and as he calls himself a broken down cowboy.   Check out his blog here .. http://daily-blog.rv-boondocking-the-good-life.com/

We hadn’t planned to stay that late but enjoyed our visit and so before we knew it .. it was time to head home and fire up the grill.  Hubby grilled steaks and I made some veggies inside.  Another great dinner and the evening is going to be spent resting and relaxing as it was another exhausting day here in Q.   It’s hard to believe that on Tuesday the RTR will be over and we plan to pull out on Thursday to head to Ajo, Az.