Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My new refrigerator has arrived


We got an email during RV Convention that our new refrigerator had arrived.  On Thursday the last day of convention we had the afternoon off as there wasn’t anything going on we wanted to attend.  So off to Springfield to get our refrigerator. 


On Saturday even though it was very cool hubby and our son Tyson installed it.  It’s huge compared to my old one.  See how empty it is?  One thing i was not happy about was it was suppose to have a flat front but it has a bit of rounded edge to it and so the plan to install my wooden panels from my old refrigerator is out.  I’m stuck with a black front.  Hubby still has to get the trim to go around it. 


I wasn’t sure i would like the can/bottle holders in the door but i have found i love them!


I have tons of freezer room and in fact i was able to take everything from our chest freezer and fit it into the refrigerator freeze for defrosting.


the freezer door holds lots as well


as you can see i do not have much in the chest freezer.  Of course that will change when we i have to start cooking meals again in a few weeks.  Right now we are having our meals at the dinning hall here at the campground so i have barely cooked all summer long :)


the dogs are not enjoying this cool spell we are having.  In fact Dolly loves to lay in front of the heater. 


Lexi looking at me taking pictures


Roo was laying on the back of the couch relaxing …


and Toby had to climb up there with her.  He just loves this dog and plays with her so much.  Yes his dad was trying to sleep .. hmmm


Hailey in the chair eating candy and watching tv


It’s been cool and chilly all weekend but we’ve enjoyed our family time and it’s coming to an end before long