Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy B'day Rosie! Site seeing and Shopping!

Today is my sister Rosie's b'day .. no i'm not going to post her age all over the web .. I wanted to wish her a great day and hope her b'day is great one! Love you sis

We got up and got around and we wanted to take a drive out to Big Biloxi Campground which is located in the De Soto National Forest. We have stayed there a couple times and truly enjoyed it.

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We were shocked to see the place not looking like it normally does! Normally this campground is well kept, you don’t find limbs, tall grass or anything. Today was not the case. Not sure what is going on but there was no camphost here? Normally there is a very hard worker from Nebraska there for the winter and he keeps the place spotless. Not sure if something has happened or what as no one knew what was going on. There were several tent campers and a few trailers enjoying the weekend. 003 005 006


We at least got to see the magnolia tree in bloom. The fragrance is wonderful. We stopped to use the restrooms before being on our way and i was shocked, although i did notice there were several older children in the campground. I’m assuming that was the reason.


We decided to do some shopping, and hubby and i both got new things. I got a new lawn chair. I have been wanting one like this as the fold up ones from Wal-mart are hard to get out of at times.


Hubby got a electric fryer. It’s pretty good size and he plans to start using this for frying fish in. His old propane one stopped working last fall and so he decided to go this route this time around.

We stopped at Food Giant on our way home and they had chicken strips and patties 5 lbs for $7.90 so we bought 1 of each and hubby tried out his new fryer .. wow it’s nice! Both the strips and patties were excellent, so after lunch we decided to go back and get another pack of each to take with us!

After lunch and shopping i needed a nap from my late night. I took a nap and then had to get up and get ready for my steak dinner and night of dancing! Our friend Steve is a member of the local Moose club and so we are going with him to the Moose!

We had a great meal, the steak was great and the meal was worth $12 per person! The band was not my cup of tea, but we still enjoyed some close slow dancing. The band played mostly 70’s songs of course the crowd they had loved it since that is the music they grew up with in their youth! We had a great time and finally around 11.30 pm we called it a night and dropped Steve off at his place and went back home. It wasn’t long before i was in bed.