Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Warm Lazy Day

The temps have reached back up into the high 70’s finally!  It was a slow morning and then we headed to town to pick up a few things.  First on the list was the toy store .. oh i mean Harbor Freight.  The had several items on sale that we needed for our up coming boon docking we will be doing in the desert on BLM land in Quartzsite.


We purchased these head lights for $1.99, reg 4.99.  We will need these in the desert where there is no lighting for walking at night, reading and other things.


Our big purchase was this 2000 watt/4000 continuous inverter for $129.99, reg 199.99 (we purchased the insurance on it for 19.99).  As i told you this fall our RV refrigerator went out and we decided to go back with a Electric refrigerator, i have loved it, so much more room for when i get in the mood to cook.  We also have a electric small chest freezer (looks like a small refrigerator) we normally travel with it off during the day and when we over night we start up our generator and run it all night to get the freezer ready for the next day.  We do not want to do that while we are boon docking in the desert. So hopefully this inverter will take care of our needs while experiencing life on the grid. I got a electric strip for 1.99, reg 4.99, hubby purchased 2 cargo bars to hold our water jugs and gas cans in place in the back of the truck. 


We stopped by Wal-mart to fill up the truck with fuel .. Ouch!! $ 68 bucks!!  At least we got it for $3.53 a gal, much cheaper then anywhere else. Geeze we have went through lots fuel the past few weeks.  $ 65 bucks last Thursday when we went Lafayette, $30 in Natchitoches (we put just enough in to get us home as it was 3.79 a gallon).  Oh well, we’ve enjoyed our site seeing and it’s been well worth it!  (YESS.. that coming from tight wad me) I needed dog food and a few other items but after fighting the crowd at Harbor Freight i was in no mood to fight the lines and crowd in Wal-mart so we turned around and left.  I hate fighting crowds of people and i esp hate standing in line to be checked out!

Look at the size of this bug!!!!!

iphone pics 7_31_12 008 

WOW .. they grow em huge here!!

I spent my afternoon/evening just chillin out and surfing the web and watching Hallmark Christmas shows.  Hubby isn’t feeling good, he has come down with the crud that is going around.  Sure hope he doesn’t share it with me.