Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sawgrass Recreational Park

Miami, FL

We got up this morning and headed to get some breakfast.  We ended up at Dunkin Donuts.  Yep i was a bad girl and had a glazed donut and it was so good.  YES, i know how many calories was in it.  I know i will pay for it tomorrow.


After eating breakfast we headed over to Sawgrass Recreation Park.  Were taking an Airboat ride through the Everglades.


We arrived got our tickets and waited until they called us for our boat.


We got this boat with the back rest.  It had wonderful seats.  One advantage to having a disability. 


We loaded our boat and was on our way.  Through the wetlands we headed.


We stopped along our way and this fellow started heading toward us for a hand out.


Paul kept spinning the boat around so we could get pictures and see the big guy.


I bet this guy could take a hand right off


We really enjoyed our boat ride and would have liked it to have been a bit longer.


I was surprised it was a pretty smooth ride. 


This is our Captain Paul, he did a great job of driving us and making sure that we took it easy.  One time we had to turn sideways and the boat jumped a bit but he got it under control right away to protect my back. 


Several fellows were hiding in the water.


We met several other boats .. you see how their seats sat down inside and i think i would of had some trouble getting in and out.  As well i don not think the ride would of been near as comfortable for me. 

 050 051  053  055

After our boat ride we toured the exhibits.



This beauty was looking for a hand out as well. 


The entrance to see the exhibits


Oh My we were greeted by snakes!!


These things like to eat warm blooded creatures.


Past the snakes were one of my favorite reptiles .. YESSS .. i found some turtles!!

070  072 

Then i found this guy hanging out.  I thought he was a neat looking and i admired him from a safe distances.


This little cutie was a big excitement and yes i just had to cuddle with it. 


Please honey can i take it home just for a little while??  YES your right, it would love my babies as a snack .. guess we’ll leave it here. 


Look at this … well feed i’d say


This peacock let Ray pet him, but when me and a little boy tried to touch it, it bite us and made the little boy cry



they had lots of these guys


Hey some Crocks and not just a couple, they had several


These look scary

098 099 100 

enjoying the sun or begging?  I wasn’t sure

105  109  

These little fellows were so cute

112  114 115 116 117    120

They had pot belly pigs


These things are so nosey .. guess they wanted to be heard as well as seen .. snicker

121 122 123  125  

they had some beautiful birds

129  131   134 

More Turtles .. don’t ya just wanna squeeze his cheeks?

 137   140 141 142  144   147

This guy looked so loveable but i bet he isn’t ..


look closely in the next picture





I had to really work to get a picture of this lil guy.  He was hiding under a board.  Yes, i had to stand on my head .. hehe


A late lunch early dinner what ever you call it was On The Border Mexican.  I had a wonderful taco soup, enchilada chicken, refried beans and Mexican rice. 


Another wonderful day in warm Miami, Florida.