Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Shower

I got up this morning and got ready for a wedding shower. 2 very sweet people here at the home meet and we all thought last year they’d make a great couple. This year they are getting married!

100_4837 100_4838 100_4839 100_4840


100_4841 100_4842 100_4843 100_4844 100_4845 100_4846

David and Twila are the engaged couple to be married in a few weeks. They are a really sweet couple.


100_4851 100_4852

Elishia was giving them her solo and yes we all laughed it was terrible but she was a great sport. It’s the thought that counts .. right??


One of the games was the groom and guest were split up into groups and had to pick a bride and dress them.

100_4856 100_4857

Here are the 4 brides being dressed

100_4858 100_4860


The guys really got into dressing the groom up. It was funny to watch them and they quite decorative.


Notice the bottom pictures of the groom/bride .. his friends equipped him with the upper female body parts.

100_4866 100_4867 100_4868

100_4860 100_4871

Of course the bride got pick which dress she would choice to wear and of course she picked her grooms. She stated because his was the only one staying together and falling off .. lol

100_4872 100_4873

Now we get to the bubble gum game. Ahead of time the bride and groom had to answer questions about the other and if they missed the question they had to put a piece of gum in their mouth. As you can see their mouths were getting quiet full.

100_4875 100_4877


Poor Twila didn’t have a big enough mouth although she came out the winner. She missed 13 and David missed 16.


They received many nice gifts and cash. It was a great shower and i’m so blessed that i got to be apart of it.


My afternoon was spent doing laundry and being lazy. Today would be beautiful with temp’s in the high 60’s but the wind is howling big time.

Tonight was chapel and it was a nice service. After chapel i came home and spent the rest of my evening relaxing.