Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Enjoying the Grands

It was a stormy night with lots of rain.  The grands did good sleeping through it and we got up this morning and it was still raining. 


Since it was raining we had to find some things to do inside.  Playing with play do is one of their favorite things.

007 008  010

it was still a bit nippy but we decided to brave the rain and go outside and play.  YES it was still raining.

011 012

Riding bikes in the rain is fun and the kids enjoyed it.  Before we knew we were all chilled to the bone so we retired to the inside.  Grandma needed to take some pain meds and lay down to rest her aching back.  Papa took over after we got their clothes changed while grandma rested. 

013 014

We decided to go up to the dinning hall and have chicken nuggets and taco’s for lunch.  It was still raining.  When we came back from lunch it was warming up and so we decided to play in the rain some more. 

015 016 017

Mud puddles are lots of fun and grandma has a washer/dryer so it’s okay to go through another set of clothes

018 019 020 021 022 023 024 

After getting chilled again we needed to go inside and warm up.  So we changed clothes and put on our swim suits and decided to enjoy the warm indoor pool.

027 028 029

Papa needed a nap so Wanda went to help Grandma with us since her back was bothering her. 

030 031 032

Can a kid ever get too much water??

033 034  036

Hey Wanda grandma got you too .. haha  We finished swimming and went back to Grandma’s and Papa took us on the 4 wheeler to go play at the park.  Grandma rested while we were gone.  Gabe and Kelsey came by and went fishing.  After Grandma rested she started dinner on the grill.  BBQ pork steaks and hamburgers.  Papa made mac and cheese.  We had dinner and then played some more.


Papa and Uncle Gabe got a fire going and Cora came to visit and we all had roasted marsh mellows and smores.  Yummy.  Before long it was time to get ready for bed and the kids were fast asleep.  So was Papa and Grandma.  Grandma back is still bothering her from the cold and rain.  Tomorrow is going to be another fun day.  Hopefully Grandma’s back will be better.