Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Ruff Weekend

Well it was a ruff weekend for me.    I didn’t get much sleep Friday night. After the kids left i took a hot shower and curled up in bed to rest this aching back.   Saturday started off a bit on the warmer side but the wind blew and my aching back could feel the rain coming.  We needed to do a grocery run so we’d have some grub to eat.  We also went by the camper dealer and picked up some needed things for minor repairs. 


We got some heavy duty latches to install on our new frig so the door will stay closed while going down the road.


and some new refrigerator bars to hold things in place during travel.


a day/night shade repair kit, ours are beige but you can no longer get beige so I'm going to dye this string and then hubby will attempt to repair the broken shade.  We also purchased replacement bulbs and a an analog for our water heater. WoW $88 worth of stuff!!

Saturday night was spent in bed on heating pads.  The cold moved in and the rain wasn’t too far off.  It was another night of not sleeping and suffering with an aching back.  I shouldn’t of went shopping and stayed in bed but it was to the point of a must as there wasn’t much in our home to eat on.

I spent Sunday resting my back while hubby attempted to do some maintenance work .. well in between football games :)  Hubby got our analog installed in our water heater .. good thing as it was eaten up. The latches are going to need some fabrication work since our refrigerator doors don’t snug up against the wood work.  Glad I'm married to a fabricator :) 

Sunday evening i laid in bed resting the back and watched the movie RV.  I had seen it before but still enjoy watching it. 

Today (Monday) was a beautiful day as the temps warmed up in the low 70’s.  I limited myself at doing anything due to my back and legs being very tender.  I did clean out a couple of cabinets and did a couple loads of laundry.  Later tonite i went up and play 13 with some of the other RVer’s for a bit and then came home.  I shouldn’t have gone and sat in those chairs as my back is screaming at me. 

It’s one of the caught between a rock and hard spot .. do not do what i want to enjoy life or enjoy life and suffer with the pain later.  Looking like it will be another night of sleeping due to back pain.  Tomorrow is suppose to be 80 degrees and then the cold and rain are returning.

On a good note our youngest son and his fiancĂ©e called to let us know that they got the house they have been bidding on.  The bad news is their not suppose to close until Nov 15th we will be gone by then.  Hopefully they can get all the paper work done and move the closing date so that we can help with the moving.  I’m excited as their new home will have a place for us to park our rig .. YESSSS .. I'm finally going to have a kid i can mooch off of!!!