Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

RV Convention 2012

2012 RV Convention has began .. look at all the RVer’s


We had lots of gtg and of course they had food

convention 2012 B

we played games with friends we hadn’t seen in a year

convention 2012 C 

sang and jammed

 Snuffy Vic and Nancy

some of the men .. umm not sure if their trying to hide their bald heads or what .. hmmm

 convention 2012 D

We had fun night service and Roweinna made her appearance all the way from Texas looking for a man who had hair and was a cowboy with nice guns


she found a cowboy here


but he didn’t have hair when she removed his hat


so she turned the crowd and found one of the few men who had hair.  Good luck Roweinna


lots of red vest RVer’s


we had several games

 IMG_0965 IMG_0978

more gtg and of course more food!!

rv maps convention 9-12 002 (2) rv maps convention 9-12 006 (2) rv maps convention 9-12 009 (2)

Pastor Phil spoke and did an awesome job

rv maps convention 9-12 354   

The annual ladies gathering was another big hit

rv maps convention 9-12 452 

Convention has come to an end and in the morning lots of our friends will be pulling out to follow the paths of their next journey.  Some we may meet up with this winter and others we will not see for a year or more.  It’s been great fun and we enjoyed our time with great friends who are family to us.  RVers are the best!!