Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

God granted me a great Revival within my heart and soul

I had a restful sleep, but i woke up 3 am!  What is with me and getting up in the middle of the night.  Geez, I'm the one who likes to go to bed late and get up late, enjoy my morning of being lazy and then i do my devotional time with God.  Why is God waking me up and giving me these talks so early in the morning? 

Once again God laid it on my heart to go study Job.  Not just go through the motions of reading it like i did yesterday.  I guess even though i knew the story about Job. It had never really dawned on me just what type of man Job was.  Sure i knew he was a good man and he went through a horrible trial in his life.

Job was a blameless man, but God allowed Satan to attack Job, first God allowed Satan to take all his possessions, then his children and then God allowed Satan to attack Job’s body, but Satan wasn’t allowed to take his life.

Job was devastated and he didn’t understand what he had done wrong.  He didn’t understand why his God had forsaken him.  God word says that Job cried out, “how long will you torment me, crush me with your words, shamelessly attack me, is it true that i have gone astray.  Job cried out “ his anger burns against me, I’ve been wronged and though i cry for help, there is no justice,  i have been stripped of my honor and my crown has been removed from my head.  I have been alienated by the world and even by my own wife.  Even though Job went through all of this he still feared God.

Eilihu spoke to Job and he told him God is greater then man, God does speak to us one way or another.  Though we may not perceive it.  Weather it’s in a dream while we sleep, bedridden with pain and constant distress or that we find food repulsive so that flesh that once covered our bones are no more and our bones now stick out. 

Eilihu went on to tell Job that God does not despise men, but that God is mighty and firm.  He told Job to listen as he was wise with knowledge from God. God does not give the wicked life but instead afflicts them their rights. God makes us listen and commands that we repent of our evil. If we listen and obey we will will spend the rest of our of days with eternal life.

God finally spoke to Job and asked the one who accuses God  will to answer to him.  Job replied he was unworthy and replied he’d would say no more.

God went onto say many things to Job.  Job cried out to the Lord that he knew all was true that he could do all these things, he spoke of things he did not understand.  Job repented and prayed to God.  God made Job prosperous again and he gave him twice as much as he had before.  He lived to see four generations and lived to be old and full of years.

After i truly studied the book of Job it was like God was telling me that just as Job, even though at times i do not understand why he allows things to happen to me.  That sometimes God let’s Satan do things to work on us.  It’s not for me to understand why, but for me to trust and obey in my heavenly father.
No matter what paths Satan tries to lead me through, no matter what Satan may throw at  me.  I am made of flesh and I will always fall short of the Glory of God.  God promises me that If i fear him, repent, trust in him and stay grounded in his word.  Then this too shall pass and just like Job he will bless me with a stronger and closer relationship with him. 

I went back to bed after God taught me another lesson of his word.  I slept peaceful for several hours.  I am up and feel refreshed.  Hubby had asked me i could do something for him and that was go to church this morning with him.

  Because God has showed me so much this week, he has held me close and forgave me for failing him.  I can answer yes.  I want to go to church and listen to what other words of wisdom that God will send my way.  I long for a relationship with others who worship and adore him.  I want to sing praises to him, as i also want to feel his presence in his temple.
I have several birds at my feeder!  I was so happy to finally see some wild life.  When we were at Leakesville i put my feeder and out and saw nothing but here .. i have lots of visitors. 
For some reason i couldn’t get a clear shot of my feeder from inside. It’s raining here now and it’s cold … brrrr
We went to Robin hood Baptist church this morning.  It’s just down the road a few miles and the camp host Gary told hubby that is where they went. On the way there i was beginning to doubt i was ready to attend church.  God spoke to me as soon as I walked in.  I could feel his presence with me.  Services started with singing “Standing on Holy Ground”  Then we sang “ Praise Him Praise Him”  and Change my heart, O God and Send a Great Revival.  Then a man by the name of Cliff Wilson got up and before he sang the song he said that when he was asked to sing today this song is not the song he wanted to sing.  God struggled with him and as his voice cracked he said that he wanted to be obedient to God and so he was going to sing this song again today with no music and he wanted us to just listen to words as they were coming from God and not him.  I have no clue what the title is .. I just know that as he sang it I could feel God embrace me in his arms and these words from the song spoke to my heart.  “It only takes one scarred hand to heal a broken heart”.  I had tears in my eyes as i prayed to God and I felt his spirit within me. 

Pastor Terry had a awesome sermon titled “The State of the Union”  scriptures proverbs 16: 3, Acts 11:19-22 and Acts 2:42-47.  He spoke that sometimes God needs to remind and teach us of things we as Christians should do .. Be obedient by  learning, serving, growing, praising and reading his word.  That sometimes we as Christians get lazy and instead of doing God’s will we do our will.  That even when were on our death bed we are not retired when it comes to God’s work.  That we can’t do it all by ourselves but together we can. 

As he ended his sermon and the invitation hymn was “just as I am”  As i began to sing this song, God spoke to me and he said  "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me"  You were strayed and then you became obedient to me this week as I have kept you from sleep, and asked you to seek yourself in my word.  You have listened and  now i am asking you to humble yourself and come to me just as you are.  As i sang, tears filled my eyes and i went forward and i wept and trembled just like a baby at the alter built for my wonderful, precious father.  I ask my Savior for the forgiveness, strength and the mercy of his love.  Because through his scarred hands he gave his life and blood so that my sins were forgiven.  God loved me so much that he gave his only begotten son so that i may not perish, but have eternal life.  I am thankful to God that  my prayers were granted.  God my Savior  renewed  my faith by giving me a great revival within my heart and soul. 

The rain has set in and it’s cold, although they have taken out the chance of sleet.  Brr it’s a cold winter afternoon here Gulfport, MS.

I spent the afternoon and evening laying around as after we got home from church i was coming down the stairs and strained my knee.  It hurts to stand or bend it.  So hubby spent the afternoon/evening waiting on me.